Xiaomi SU7 Launch Conference Scheduled For December 28

December 9, 2023

Xiaomi has officially unveiled its inaugural automobile, and reports suggest it will grace the shelves of stores in the initial quarter of 2024. Signaling the imminent launch. Xiaohongshu influencers state that Xiaomi internally schedules the Xiaomi Car Launch event for Xiaomi SU7. Slated to occur in Beijing on December 28.

Xiaomi Car Launch

Xiaomi has reportedly “confirmed” an upcoming car launch event scheduled for December 28 in Beijing. The event will primarily focus on unveiling the new vehicle’s external appearance, interior design, performance controls, intelligent cockpit features, and smart driving capabilities. At the conference, we will also reveal the distinctive features and pre-sale pricing of the new car. Meanwhile, Lei Jun has meticulously reviewed the presentation slides multiple times and will deliver the keynote address in person.

A recent Weibo influencer revealed rumors that Xiaomi plans to hold a press conference later this month. The source suggests that Xiaomi is motivated by HyperOS’s need for a suitable platform and the ambition to unveil “truly significant” new products.

When asked for further details, the blogger cryptically responded, “Anyway, it’s not related to the phone.” Moreover, when questioned about the nature of the product, the blogger replied with a dog head emoticon, leaving ample room for netizens’ imagination.

Xiaomi Car Launch

Xiaomi Car Launch will elucidate the primary focal points encompassing the new vehicle’s aesthetics, interior, performance, intelligent driving, and ancillary products. Lei Jun himself will personally introduce the vehicle and will also disclose the preliminary pricing details.

Tenna disclosed details positioning the Xiaomi Motors SU7 as an all-electric coupe. Its visual design bears a resemblance to the Porsche Taycan. The vehicle proudly exhibits the Xiaomi emblem on the front and the label “xiaomi” on the rear. Simultaneously, the lower left side of the rear section features the phrase “Beijing Xiaomi.

Regarding its dimensions, the length, width, and height measure 4997x1963x1440mm correspondingly, featuring a wheelbase of 3000mm. The length of the body is in proximity to Tesla’s flagship sedan Model S at 5021mm. Yet the Xiaomi SU7 outpaces the Model S with its 3-meter wheelbase, surpassing the latter’s 2960mm.

In terms of power, Xiaomi SU7 is accessible in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants. The two-wheel drive model boasts a peak power of 220 kilowatts, while the four-wheel drive version combines 220 kilowatts with an additional 275 kilowatts. The power storage units are supplied by CATL and BYD.

Reports indicate that Xiaomi SU7 provides a total of four editions, with price tags ranging from 190,000 to 300,000 yuan.

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