Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Genshin Impact Customized Gift Box Released: Starts at 549 Yuan

December 9, 2023

The official release of the Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Genshin Impact Customized Gift Box is priced at 549 yuan (about $77). It features a Dadalia Theme Customized Bracelet. It Customized Charging Base with a Figure Genshin Impact Themed Bracelet. Additionally, it has Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitoring, and Independent Five-Star Positioning.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Genshin Impact Customized Gift Box

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Genshin Impact

This collaboration between Xiaomi and Native for the customized bracelet is exceptionally genuine. With deep customization in every aspect, from packaging to accessories to theme. The Xiaomi Band 8 Pro, tailored for Genshin Impact, comes in a specially designed theme gift box. The package includes Dadalia’s stickers, posters, and more.

The most striking aspect is the bracelet charger, utilizing the image of Dadalia in Genshin Impact to create a figure-level charging base, displaying exquisite craftsmanship. The bracelet’s main body features a light gray special logo strap, complemented by a built-in Dadalia dynamic dial. Every time you raise your hand to turn on the screen, it offers a fresh look. Various “Genshin Impact” and Dadalia models, along with element dials, are available for customization, including deeply customized binding and charging animations, providing a complete “Genshin Impact” atmosphere.

Other specifications of the Xiaomi Band 8 Pro remain consistent with the regular version. It has a 1.74-inch OLED screen, the largest in the Xiaomi Mi Band series, with a screen-to-body ratio increased to 73%. Covered with Corning Gorilla Glass, it achieves a full-screen brightness of 600 nits and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The Xiaomi Band 8 Pro incorporates dual-channel physical sign sensors and dual-channel heart rate and blood oxygen detection for more accurate health data. The device houses a built-in 289mAh battery with magnetic charging, offering a battery life of up to 14 days. The AOD mode (all-weather display) can last up to 6 days.

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