Honor Magic 6 Pro Get 3C Certification

December 9, 2023

Recently, the China Quality Certification Center granted 3C certification to the BVL-AN16 smartphone model, affirming its compatibility with 100W rapid charging technology. According to blogger@数码闲聊站, indications point towards the imminent launch of the Honor Magic 6 Pro. It’s noteworthy that the certification categorizes the device as a “spaceborne mobile terminal,” signifying that Honor Magic 6 Pro will be the second Chinese brand, following Huawei, to unveil a flagship phone dedicated to satellite communications.

Honor Magic 6 Pro

During the 2023 Digital Ecology Conference’s Satellite Mobile Communications Industry Development Forum, Li Kun, the Head of Flagship Mobile Phones at Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., announced that Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. is actively developing and strategizing to deliver top-notch satellite communications technology for enhanced consumer experiences.

He highlighted the successful resolution of three critical technical challenges, namely antenna size, call longevity, and communication quality. Li Kun disclosed their anticipation of introducing the market’s most compact mobile phone satellite communication product, boasting unparalleled signal stability and optimal power efficiency.

Fang Fei, the President of the Honor product line, shared insights into the brand’s substantial advancements over the past couple of years. Through extensive technical collaborations with China Telecom, they have made significant headway in addressing issues such as heightened power consumption in satellite services, stringent link budgets, and challenging heat dissipation.

Concurrently, breakthroughs in chip miniaturization and the integration of satellite antennas have been achieved. Fang Fei affirmed Honor’s ongoing commitment to collaborating with China Telecom to jointly cultivate the integrated space and ground market, with the overarching goal of delivering consumers a communication experience that is both seamless and unparalleled.

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