Intel Core Ultra Processors Warm-up, Reveal New Logos

December 7, 2023

Intel is set to unveil a fresh Intel Core Ultra processor on December 15. Recently, the official revealed the emblem and labels for this latest iteration of processors. These processors will carry the moniker “Intel Core Ultra” and will come in three tiers: Ultra 5, Ultra 7, and Ultra 9.

Intel Core Ultra

As per earlier reports, Intel declared a substantial overhaul and rejuvenation of the Core brand in June, segregating it into the novel Intel Core Ultra for premier products and the Intel Core processor brand for mainstream products.

Intel Core Ultra As per the most recent updates, the processor utilizing the “Meteor Lake” architecture will adopt the name “Core Ultra” and be accessible in three variants. The Core Ultra processor introduces new packaging technology, implements a separate modular architecture, incorporates a novel CPU architecture and 3D high-performance hybrid architecture, showcases a sharp GPU core display, and integrates a state-of-the-art NPU AI engine.

Intel Core Ultra

Enthusiast-grade laptop and desktop users will recognize the enhancement to the 14th generation Raptor Lake HX/S series as the “Intel Core Processor (14th generation),” offering i3/i5/i7/i9 model gradings. Simultaneously, these devices will persist in using the emblem adopted since the 11th generation. The aforementioned constitutes the latest information concerning the recently unveiled Core Ultra processor.

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