Xiaomi Passed Wi-Fi 7 Certification: Three Models to Receive Upgrades

November 28, 2023

Xiaomi has officially announced the successful Wi-Fi 7 certification of its router products. Before December 30, firmware upgrades for the Xiaomi 10G Router, Xiaomi Router BE7000, and Xiaomi Router BE6500 Pro will be rolled out. This development has sparked widespread attention and discussions.

Xiaomi officially stated that it goes beyond just speed improvements; it represents a leap in systemic experience. The advantages it brings include multi-channel connections, dynamic optimization, lower latency, and stronger anti-interference capabilities. Moreover, it opens up broader development space for future entertainment and office environments.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun asserted that the WiFi function of the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro is the strongest in the company’s history. Lei Jun anticipates activating the WiFi 7 function once China opens certification, even though Wi-Fi 7 certification is not yet available in China. Currently, it seems that the certification process for Wi-Fi 7 in China has begun.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi 7

Data reveals that Xiaomi 13 Pro supports the FastConnect7800 connection system, the world’s first wireless subsystem supporting Wi-Fi 7. With high-speed multi-connection concurrency technology, it boasts a peak rate of up to 5.8Gbps and achieves ultra-low latency of less than 2ms. Additionally, FastConnect7800 features energy efficiency optimization, improving energy efficiency by 30%-50% compared to the previous generation product. This enhancement translates to longer battery life in various application scenarios like streaming media and games.

Reflecting on the provided information, the Xiaomi 10G router, a flagship product released in December last year, offers wireless and wired transmission rates of up to 10G. Designed for VR games, 8K streaming media, real-time high-definition conferences, and more, it supports three-band concurrency. With the opening of Wi-Fi 7 certification, we expect that this router will deliver even more powerful performance through firmware upgrades.

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