Redmi K70 Pro Debuts “Light Hunter 800” Image Sensor

November 28, 2023

The Redmi K70 series is scheduled for official launch by Redmi on November 29. As the release date approaches, official sources have been gradually revealing more information about the new devices. On November 27, Phone China reported that the Redmi K70 Pro announced its debut featuring the “Light Hunter 800” sensor. The official statement claims that the Light Hunter 800 boasts a high dynamic capture capability, delivering fast shots that bring about an evolution in the imaging capabilities of the K70 Pro. Additionally, this sensor features a 1/1.55 large sensor and a 13.2EV native super dynamic range.

Redmi K70 Pro

Earlier today, the Redmi official formally declared that the K70 Pro will come equipped with the “second-generation high-end 2K Chinese screen.” With three major hardware upgrades, reaching new peaks in peak brightness, integrating medical technology, and presenting an eye protection solution, the K70 Pro promises an evolved experience. This marks the third generation of the K series, maintaining its commitment to crafting high-end flagship flat screens. It is worth noting that the K70 and Pro will respectively feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform and 8 Gen3 mobile platform, eliminating screen plastic support and adopting a metal mid-frame.

In addition, the K70 Pro will incorporate a new cooling system – the Ice Seal Cooling. It adopts a globally planned cooling system solution, utilizing a self-developed next-generation cooling material to challenge the limits of passive cooling.

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