Redmi K70 Pro Appears on Geekbench, Offering 24GB Memory Version

November 28, 2023

As the Redmi K70 series mobile phones’ release date approaches, they frequently appear on the Geekbench benchmark platform. Recently, a Redmi K70 Pro test machine, with the model number 23117RK66C, captured widespread attention.

With an impressive 24GB of memory, the test machine highlights its substantial capabilities. Upon its anticipated release, the mass-produced model will provide various versions, each customized to meet diverse memory requirements at different user levels. Furthermore, the specific running score data on Geekbench reveals robust performance, boasting a single-core score of 2206 points and a multi-core score peaking at 7334 points. Examining the test machine’s CPU, it consists of one 3.30GHz core, three 3.15GHz cores, two 2.96GHz cores, and two 2.27GHz cores. This configuration aligns seamlessly with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 specifications, delivering admirable performance in benchmarks.

Redmi K70 Pro

Today, Redmi officials announced that the K70 Pro model not only supports OIS optical image stabilization but also becomes the first to feature Xiaomi’s self-developed Night Owl algorithm, delivering users an unprecedented night shooting experience. The K70 Pro has upgraded its main camera to a Light Hunter 800 sensor, showcasing a 1/1.55-inch outsole, large pixel fusion up to 2.0 microns, support for a 13.2EV native dynamic range, and lightning-fast snapshots.

Redmi K70 Pro

Moreover, the Redmi K70 Pro will feature a 2K top-level screen developed in collaboration with TCL Huaxing. Featuring a novel C8 luminescent material, it achieves a peak brightness of 4000 units. Additionally, the screen supports 3840Hz PWM dimming. Introducing the innovative “Qingshan Eye Protection” solution for the first time, it brings users a groundbreaking eye protection solution. This marks a comprehensive upgrade to these mobile phones, aiming to deliver an enhanced user experience.

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