BYD Song L New B-Class Electric Sports Car Up For Pre-Order

November 2, 2023

BYD Auto has officially announced that its new B-class pure electric hunting SUV, the Song L, will commence pre-sales tomorrow, with plans for an official launch in November. Before this announcement, reports had indicated that the starting price for the Song L might be set at 220,000 yuan.

  • The transcendent type with 550KM costs 220,000 yuan (about $29,999).
  • The excellent type with 550KM costs 240,000 yuan (about $32,800).
  • The transcendent type with 662KM costs 240,000 yuan (about $32,800).
  • The excellent type with 662KM costs 260,000 yuan (about $35,500).
  • The excellent model with four-wheel drive and 602KM costs 280,000 yuan (about $38,200).

BYD Song L Build

BYD Song L

During this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, BYD Auto unveiled the concept version of the Song L, attracting considerable attention and earning praise as “the most beautiful BYD.” The production version closely adheres to the design of the concept car. The Song L boasts dimensions of 4840x1950x1560 mm and a wheelbase of 2930 mm. Positioned in the medium-sized SUV market, it continues BYD’s unique “dragon face aesthetics” design concept, featuring decorative elements referred to as “dragon teeth” and 3D dragon crystal headlights for a fashionable and dynamic appearance.

The Song L, being a B-Class hunting SUV, features frameless doors and concealed door handles as standard. Moreover, despite its fastback design, the body descends behind the C-pillar to ensure sufficient rear passenger headroom, effectively blending dynamic aesthetics with practicality. Furthermore, the front design places a strong emphasis on sportiness, showcasing a sweeping body posture.

At the rear, the design incorporates a segmented spoiler, double shark fin antennas, and a through-type taillight officially known as the “Liuguangrui taillight.” The left and right light sources feature exquisite, eye-catching shapes. Additionally, an electric lift taillight not only enhances style but also improves vehicle functionality.

BYD’s Song L LCD Instrument Panel

BYD Song L

Turning to the interior, the vehicle predominantly employs leather materials, maintaining BYD’s family-style layout, which includes a full LCD instrument panel and a large floating central control screen. The Song L is equipped with a HUD, marking the first model in the Song family to offer this feature. The multi-function steering wheel features a new design, accompanied by a compact crystal electronic gear lever, dual wireless charging panels, and storage space at the base. The integrated front seats offer electric adjustment for the passenger seat, along with lumbar support and other functions. A boss button facilitates seat adjustment for rear passengers, while the rear seats provide ample cushioning for excellent riding comfort. However, a surprising feature is the introduction of a full glass canopy without electric sunshades, potentially affecting sun protection in the summer.

BYD Song L

The engineers constructed the new car using e-platform 3.0 and equipped it with advanced technologies, including blade batteries, CTB battery body integration technology, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, and the Cloud Navigation system, ensuring excellent safety and driving performance. The Song L offers two power options: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The former delivers maximum power of 150 kW and 230 kW, while the latter boasts up to 380 kW (517 horsepower). The expected acceleration time from 0 to 100 kilometers is just 3 seconds. Two battery options are also available: 71-degree and 87-degree batteries, providing cruising ranges of 550 kilometers and 602 kilometers, respectively, depending on the configuration.

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