Mijia Central Air Conditioner Duct Machine with 3 HP Launched: Now Available For About $820

October 20, 2023

Xiaomi has launched its first embedded air conditioner, the Mijia Central Air Conditioner Duct Machine with 3 HP, which is now available for sale, starting at 5,999 yuan (about $820).

Xiaomi Central Air Conditioner

Reportedly, the new central air conditioning duct machine boasts a slim 200mm body, seamlessly integrating into various home decors while saving valuable space. Moreover, it comes equipped with Xiaomi’s intelligent control engine, supporting seamless interconnectivity throughout the house, and providing both voice and App control.

Simultaneously, the Mijia Central Air Conditioner Duct Machine with 3 HP features 3 built-in large-diameter wind wheels, combined with a full DC frequency conversion system and a self-developed drive algorithm. This combination enables it to achieve rapid cooling in just 40 seconds and swift heating in 80 seconds, ensuring a rapid adjustment to a comfortable temperature.

Regarding power, it is furnished with a DC motor, allowing for the flexible switching between 7 wind speeds. The high-speed wind setting enables effective long-distance air supply, covering every corner and catering to diverse needs.

Furthermore, this Xiaomi Central Air Conditioner supports several features, including 56°C high-temperature self-cleaning, a 7-fold air supply for quick cooling and heating, a wide range of temperature settings, and operates with low noise. It also offers high-efficiency energy savings with an APF (Annual Performance Factor) of 4.17. Additionally, it achieves a 99% self-cleaning rate for Escherichia coli and white grape cocci.

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