Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 Hands-on: Professional-Grade Washing and Drying, Wash Clean and Healthy

October 14, 2023

On the evening of October 12 at 20:00, the official live broadcast room of Roborock Technology presented a special program tailored for girls. Titled ‘Special Washing and Drying for Special You,’ the program featured Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 Product Manager EVA, along with three internal beta users who shared their experiences with the M1.

Roborock M1

As a leading technological innovation company, Roborock Technology pays close attention to women’s consumer needs. The Roborock M1 series provides professional-level washing and drying care to safeguard women’s health.


Roborock M1

Apart from its professional-grade washing and drying performance, the Roborock M1 has an appealing design with a unibody minimalist design that complements various home styles. It features smart display atmosphere lights and adorable accessories for a touch of personality. Its compact size and easy placement make it a household essential.

Roborock Technology prioritizes user feedback because it recognizes that technology’s essence lies in meeting human needs and improving the quality of life. The Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 stands as a testament to this philosophy, as it addresses the cleaning needs of female users and enhances the quality of life by offering professional-grade washing and drying technology.


With its DD direct drive and molecular sieve drying, the M1 allows women to confidently wash and dry underwear made from various fabrics. Women experience certain special periods each month when they are easily irritable, and their immunity decreases. Neglecting maintenance during this time may lead to various gynecological issues. Washing blood-stained underwear with hot water causes protein coagulation, making it hard to clean. Cold water can result in physical discomfort. Machine washing raises concerns about damaging high-end fabrics like lace, posing a common problem for female friends.


The Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 incorporates the DD direct-drive inverter motor from mid-to-high-end flagships. This motor offers cleaner washing and reduced noise, achieving an industry-leading washing ratio of 1.159. When you use the underwear-washing mode, it effectively removes bloodstains, urine stains, and other secretions. In the bra washing mode, the Roborock M1 accurately adjusts the washing intensity and speed based on the underwear’s material, whether it’s cotton, velvet, silk, or lace fabrics. Even bras with steel rings maintain their shape after washing.

Once the washing is complete, the Roborock M1 employs molecular sieve low-temperature drying technology to gently dry the underwear at low temperatures. This method absorbs moisture from the clothes in a low-temperature environment, preserving fabric fiber activity to the maximum and leaving it fresh and soft, akin to baby skin. Even in rainy weather, you can savor the comfort of freshly dried clothes. The Roborock M1 is doubly certified for silk washing and drying, ensuring you can wash and dry underwear of various fabrics with confidence.

For active women, exercise plays a crucial role in promoting physical health and enhancing mental well-being. Proper exercise leads to the release of dopamine, fostering happiness and satisfaction, and helping to combat negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. However, post-workout clothes can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria due to sweat stains, necessitating prompt washing.

1kg Capacity

The Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 has a generous 1kg capacity, capable of washing 25 pairs of underwear or 80 pairs of socks in one go. It accommodates the washing needs of yoga clothes, sports tops, nightdresses, and even baby clothes. The Roborock M1 offers various modes, including cooking, mite removal, and anti-allergy, while supporting UVC high-frequency short-wave ultraviolet irradiation for sterilization, effectively eliminating bacteria harmful to women’s health, such as E. coli, Candida glabrata, HPV, and coronavirus, with a 99.99% bacteria elimination rate. This allows you to safely mix and wash yoga clothes, underwear, socks, and more after exercising, saving time and preserving health. The Roborock M1 also supports high-temperature + UVC ultraviolet dual-cylinder sterilization, ensuring that the cleaned inner cylinder appears as good as new.


Roborock M1

Roborock M1

For those who share their homes with pets, the Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 presents a solution. A self-developed lint filter self-cleaning system is in place, automatically collecting and flushing lint and paper scraps through a dedicated waterway during drying, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Roborock M1

In addition, the M1 offers up to 20 laundry programs that can be quickly accessed via the mobile app, along with automatic laundry detergent dispensing. A single top-up can last up to 50 days, ensuring the right balance between washing effectiveness and the avoidance of itchy skin from detergent residue.


The Roborock Molecular Sieve Mini Washing and Drying Machine M1 is now available for pre-order on Roborock Technology’s official website and flagship stores on Tmall,, and Douyin platforms. It starts at an initial price of 2,699 yuan (about $369), with the final payment due on October 31.

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