Dreame H30 Floor Scrubber Hands-on: Affordable Handheld Floor Scrubber with Great Features

October 14, 2023

In early September, Dreame Technology officially launched the Dreame H30 floor scrubber on major e-commerce platforms and began pre-sales at a price of 3699 yuan (about $507).

Dreame H30

The Dreame H30 floor scrubber boasts a suction power of 16000Pa, a 5000mAh battery, a 900ml clean water tank, and a 700ml sewage tank. It can run for 48 minutes on a single charge. In the floor scrubbing mode, it can mop and sweep 3 times for apartments under 120㎡. Additionally, it features an LED lighting floor brush for convenient cleaning of darker areas.

Dreame H30 Unboxing

Dreame H30

Concerning design, the Dreame H30 floor scrubber adheres to Dreame’s signature design style. The overall machine shape remains true to the essence of a “floor scrubber.” The combination of gray and black for the body color, along with the translucent clean water box, gives the product a simple and slightly technological appearance.

Regarding detailed design, there are notable distinctions in the Dreame H30 floor scrubber. For instance, in the bottom roller brush area, the top roller brush cover is detachable via a buckle. This design offers easy cleaning of the roller brush when it gets clogged with larger debris. As a result, you won’t need to completely remove the roller brush. Furthermore, when you remove the cover above the roller brush, you’ll discover the integrated LED light behind it. This feature enhances visibility, especially when cleaning in dimly lit areas.

Dreame H30

The LED screen on the Dreame H30 floor scrubber is positioned atop the machine. Moreover, the outermost ring denotes the operational status. In the central area, you can easily check the power status. Additionally, on the right side, four icons represent the four working modes. For added convenience, the buttons are situated in the handle area. Furthermore, the device offers voice reminders to keep users informed of its status.

Dreame H30

The sewage tank of the Dreame H30 floor scrubber, with a 700ml capacity, is located at the front of the machine. It features silver ion antibacterial technology, ensuring even distribution of silver ions along the tank’s walls. On the rear side, there’s a spacious 900ml clean water tank that supports electrolyzed water sterilization. Chuimi’s electrolyzed water boasts a sterilization rate of 99.99%, with a high virus inactivation rate of 99.99% as well.

The Dreame H30 floor scrubber introduces the “industry’s first 60°C hot water forward and reverses washing roller brush technology.” A PTC heating module embedded in the base instantly heats the water to 60°C and rotates the cleaning roller brush simultaneously. This process repeats until both the roller brush and sewage pipes are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, it features a “3+N intelligent temperature control protection configuration” to ensure the floor washing machine’s safety. After centrifugal drying at 520 rpm to dehumidify the roller brush quickly, the Dreame H30 initiates hot air quick drying to achieve a more thorough drying effect, restoring the roller brush to a dry and fluffy state.

The “roller brush forward and reverse two-way self-cleaning technology” ensures the floor washing machine alternates between forward and reverse rotations, simulating the washing machine’s clothes-washing action. This method replicates the effect of “repeated hand rubbing.” Additionally, the floor scrubber includes a constant-pressure comb scraper and variable-frequency constant-pressure running water. These features effectively remove dirt deep within the roller brush, reduce hair entanglement, and guarantee the roller brush’s long life.

Officials claim that the H30 floor washer addresses two common problems. Firstly, it tackles the challenge of drying the roller brush. Additionally, it effectively cleans heavily soiled floors. Moreover, the H30 enhances maneuverability with features such as “intelligent front and rear two-way power assist” and independent dual motor drives. Consequently, this facilitates easier operation, allowing users to effortlessly move the floor washing machine back and forth.

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