Canon EOS R5 Mark II Announced: 8K60p RAW Recording

October 11, 2023

Canon is expected to release the Canon EOS R5 Mark II camera at the start of the next year, preceding the CP+ event in February. The Canon EOS R5 Mark II camera will feature 8K60p RAW recording and a much-improved frame rate for 4K recording.

Canon EOS R5 Mark II

Canon intends to position the R5 Mark II as a top-tier model for both still images and video capabilities. A reliable source indicates that the EOS R5 Mark II will increase the 8K RAW recording frame rate to 60fps, but it remains uncertain if it will require additional power or auxiliary cooling. In light of this, Canon’s previously disclosed patent showcases additional battery slots to provide extra power for camera fans and accessories.

The EOS R5 Mark II has not yet finalized the image sensor resolution, but sources have tested both 45mp and 60mp versions. Global media pundits lean towards using a 45mp sensor for the final version. They also claim that the EOS R5 Mark II will significantly boost its 4K recording performance, possibly supporting 4K240fps, which surpasses the current EOS R5’s 4K120p capability.

To recap, Canon released its current EOS R5 in 2020, priced at 25,999 yuan (about $3564). This model has a new CMOS image sensor with about 45 million effective pixels and features a DIGIC X digital image processor.

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