Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro now on Sale, Starts at 2799 yuan

August 1, 2023

Xiaomi unveils its latest innovation, the M20 Pro Smart Door Lock, starting at 2,799 yuan(about $391).

The M20 Pro incorporates AI 3D structured light face recognition. This technology, empowered by a dual-core Al chip, captures and processes facial information in real-time. The system utilizes deep self-learning for enhanced accuracy and performance over time.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro

A feature of the M20 Pro is its 3D live body anti-counterfeiting detection, effectively preventing photo, video, mask attacks, and cracking attempts. The module has been certified by the BCTC authority, meeting financial payment-level security standards.

The M20 Pro has an AI smart cat’s eye, featuring a 180° ultra-wide-angle camera with an all-weather Al humanoid monitoring video algorithm. This lets users monitor their doorstep in real-time, detecting and capturing suspicious activities. The device also offers low-light full-color night vision for clear visuals in dimly lit environments.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro

The M20 Pro has a built-in high-definition display screen that lights up when a visitor presses the doorbell, providing an instant view of the outside environment. The device supports multi-screen linkage, allowing users to view the door front screen on other large-screen devices.

The door lock operates on eight dry batteries, offering a 12-month battery life. The AI smart cat’s eye and face recognition run on 5000mAh lithium batteries, lasting 4 months. For emergency unlocking, use wireless charging or a Type-C cable.

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