Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/6 Will Integrated Temperature Sensors

July 21, 2023

Samsung’s latest smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6, come equipped with integrated temperature sensors. Until now, these sensors have had limited practical applications. However, a game-changing new application is set to their use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Named “Thermo Check,” the innovative app is designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/6 smartwatches. With its infrared temperature sensor and the new skin temperature API, Thermo Check enables users to accurately measure the temperature of their surroundings and objects without any physical contact.

Swimmers can now effortlessly gauge the water temperature before taking a plunge, while foodies can ensure the perfect meal by checking the temperature of their dishes. The app provides an easy and convenient way to obtain temperature readings, enhancing user experiences like never before.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has utilized the temperature sensor primarily for period tracking and a few other functions. However, with the Thermo Check app’s arrival, users can now conveniently access real-time skin temperature readings.

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Excitingly, the Thermo Check app will debut alongside the eagerly anticipated Galaxy Watch 6 series. Subsequently, it will also become available for Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro devices. Mark your calendars for Samsung’s Unpacked conference on July 26, where the Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatch will be officially unveiled, bringing the Thermo Check app to life.

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