Honor MagicPad 13 Hands-on: Bigger and More Eye-Protecting Flagship Giant Screen

July 21, 2023

On July 12, Honor released its first-ever 13-inch flagship tablet, the MagicPad 13. This tablet holds extraordinary significance as it is the first in the lineup to bear the prestigious “Magic” title. Moreover, the device is packed with cutting-edge technology. Gizcoupon has received the Moonlight variant of the MagicPad 13 and presents hands-on pictures for your enjoyment.

Honor MagicPad 13

Honor MagicPad 13

Honor MagicPad 13 Design

The Honor MagicPad 13 is an expansive 13-inch tablet. Despite its large display, it boasts an impressively slim profile. The metal version measures only 6.49mm, and the PU leather version measures only 6.84mm.

Honor MagicPad 13

In addition to its sleek design, the tablet is lightweight. The metal version weighs only 660g, and the PU leather version weighs only 673g. Its feather-light weight ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing fatigue whether held in landscape or portrait orientation.

Honor MagicPad 13

The front of the MagicPad 13 features a magnificent 13-inch LCD display. It has a resolution of 2880*1840 and a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate. With its ultra-narrow bezels and over 90% screen-to-body ratio, the visual experience is truly immersive. No other competitor in the same price range currently offers such a large display.

Honor MagicPad 13

The back of the MagicPad 13 showcases a minimalist and elegant design adorned with the Moonlight color scheme. Furthermore, the HONOR LOGO is horizontally positioned at the center.

Honor MagicPad 13

Below the logo, you’ll find the IMAX ENHANCED certification, indicating that the MagicPad 13 offers an outstanding audiovisual experience officially recognized by IMAX. Additionally, there are three metal contact points at the bottom, allowing magnetic attachment with a keyboard.

The camera module on the back features a unique dual-ring design, adding a touch of artistic flair.

Honor Magic-Pencil 3 stylus

In addition to the tablet itself, Honor also unveiled the Magic-Pencil 3 stylus. With its sleek and futuristic titanium silver appearance, it embodies a perfect blend of unity and sophistication.

Honor MagicPad 13

The Magic-Pencil 3 stylus can be conveniently attached to the upper right corner of the tablet using magnetic attraction, facilitating charging, and Bluetooth pairing.

Honor MagicPad 13

Alongside the stylus, Honor also introduced the accompanying MagicPad 13 Smart Touch Keyboard. When closed, it transforms into a lightweight and comfortable folio cover.

When unfolded, the keyboard supports adjustable angles from 110° to 160°. It allows for versatile usage of the tablet from various perspectives.

The keys offer a satisfying keystroke experience akin to that of a slim notebook. Additionally, a touchpad is integrated at the bottom, enabling effortless cursor control and multi-finger gestures.

The keyboard and stylus work in harmony, enabling a wide range of features such as global selection, cross-application color picking, high-definition HDR video editing, as well as quick and comprehensive annotation capabilities comparable to those of a slim notebook, thus enhancing productivity in text-based tasks.

This concludes the hands-on pictures of the MagicPad 13 brought to you by Gizcoupon. Thank you for reading.

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