The Number of Visits to The OpenAI Website Soared to 1 Billion Times, Making It One of The Top 20 Most Visited Websites in The World

June 5, 2023

On June 5th, Gizcoupon reported that according to the latest data, in March of this year, a total of 847 million users visited the website of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company. This represents a 54% increase compared to February.

OpenAI joins the Top 20 websites globally

OpenAI, the developer of the popular chatbot ChatGPT, witnessed a surge in unique monthly visits to their website. It reached 1 billion visits in March. According to research by marketing agency VezaDigital, a total of 847 million users visited the OpenAI website in March. Additionally, it marks a remarkable growth of over 54%. In terms of online traffic alone, OpenAI has secured a spot among the top 20 websites with the highest volume globally.

“This indicates a clear surge in public interest in artificial intelligence solutions. Legislators are eager to regulate its use to avoid unknown territories, such as copyright issues and ethical challenges in the realm of art,” stated Stefan Katanic, CEO of VezaDigital. “While there are diverging opinions regarding artificial intelligence, one thing we can all agree on is that AI is no longer a distant future, but a present reality.”

The advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) have sparked a growing interest in AI solutions among the public. These innovations enable computers to comprehend human language and analyze vast amounts of data accurately and swiftly. This has empowered companies like OpenAI to create powerful chatbots capable of engaging in natural language conversations with humans.

OpenAI website provides access to its products, including GPT-3. GPT-3 is an open-source natural language generation model that allows developers to create applications capable of generating text responses resembling those of a human.

OpenAI website traffic ranking climbs

Within a span of just one month, OpenAI website traffic climbed 9 ranks, securing the 18th position on the global ranking of websites with the highest traffic. This achievement is not surprising. In February, OpenAI had already jumped from beyond the top 50 to the 27th spot!

According to experts at VezaDigital, approximately 1 in 9 visitors to the OpenAI website come from the United States. This makes it the main source country for OpenAI visitors. However, this also shows that the popularity of ChatGPT extends far beyond its home country.

VezaDigital emphasized that the aforementioned data was derived from rigorous statistical analysis. Additionally, they combined traffic analysis with SimilarWeb’s raw data to provide a clear description of the ongoing developments.

SimilarWeb ranks OpenAI’s website at the 17th spot for traffic in April, surpassing VezaDigital’s ranking. Google, YouTube, and Facebook occupy the top three spots.

This positions OpenAI as an outstanding company. Its ChatGPT experiencing breakthrough success almost overnight from being a relatively unknown AI project.

Katanic commented, “The ChatGPT phenomenon spread like wildfire towards the end of 2022. We anticipate it will soon break all records as the fastest-growing website in terms of monthly active users. It has reached 1 billion users in a short span of time.”

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