The Patent For Xiaomi Wireless Earphones Announced: The Earphones on Both Sides Can Receive Different Audio

June 2, 2023

On June 2nd, Gizcoupon reported that it had been announced that Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.’s patent titled “Wireless Earphones Connection Method, Device, Electronic Device, and Readable Storage Medium” has been made public. The application publication number is CN116193305A.

The abstract of the patent for Xiaomi wireless earphones reveals a wireless earphone connection method, device, electronic device, and readable storage medium. The method includes the following steps: when both earphones of the wireless earphones are connected to a first device in response to receiving a connection command. Then, the first earphone is controlled to establish a connection with a second device. In addition, Gizcoupon has provided the corresponding illustration below:

In this disclosure, upon receiving a connection command, the first earphone establishes a connection with the second device. This allows users to switch devices without interrupting or canceling the connection between the earphones and the first device. Furthermore, earphones on both sides can individually and simultaneously receive audio signals from different electronic devices. This not only avoids information loss but also enhances the user experience with the wireless earphones.

Innovations like this will become increasingly important as wireless headphones become more popular. They help provide users with a more convenient and enjoyable audio experience.

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