Xiaomi Has Announced A Patent for A Solar Charging Method Which Can Be Applied to Terminal Devices

June 1, 2023

On May 31st, Gizcoupon reported that news had emerged regarding the publication of a patent application filed by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. This patent for Xiaomi is titled “Solar Charging Method, Apparatus, Device, and Storage Medium.” The application publication number is CN116191634A.

This patent abstract for Xiaomi reveals that this disclosure pertains to a solar charging method, apparatus, device, and storage medium. The method involves the following steps: utilizing a light detection module to acquire the current solar intensity of the environment in which the terminal device is situated. Upon detecting that the solar intensity meets certain predetermined conditions, controlling the variable back cover to assume the first state. In this state, the variable back cover permits sunlight to enter the solar energy harvesting module. The solar energy harvesting module then collects the energy generated by the sunlight. Subsequently, the solar energy conversion module converts the collected solar energy into electrical energy, which is used to charge the battery of the terminal device. A diagram illustrating the concept is provided by Gizcoupon as shown below:

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This patent illustrates a means of utilizing solar energy to charge terminal devices. It can guarantee the normal use of terminal equipment by the user when traveling outdoors. Furthermore, it can also alleviate the user’s power anxiety and improve the user experience.


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