Xiaomi 6A C to C Fast Charging Cable Launched

June 1, 2023

On June 1st, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi had released a new C to C fast charging cable with a 6A specification. It is currently available on e-commerce platforms, starting at a price of 39 yuan (approximately $5).

Xiaomi C to C fast charging data cable of this specification has always been sold only with the smartphone or charger. However, this time they have separately launched it to meet the needs of users who require a 6A fast charging cable.

The new Xiaomi 6A C to C fast charging cable is available in 1-meter and 2-meter lengths. It supports a charging current of up to 6A. Furthermore, when paired with a Xiaomi USB-C interface charger, it can provide a maximum charging current of 6A. It can provide 120W fast charging for Xiaomi smartphones.

In addition to supporting Xiaomi 6A fast charging, the new cable is also compatible with PD 5A charging current. It offers a maximum power output of 100W. It can be used with PD chargers to provide fast charging for devices such as laptops. (Note: Laptops need to be equipped with a USB-C interface and support PD fast charging).

The Xiaomi 6A data cable also supports data transmission with a USB 2.0 specification. It enables a theoretical transfer speed of 480Mbps.

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