Redmi Note 12T Pro Officially Released: Equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra, 144Hz LCD Screen

May 29, 2023

On May 29th, Gizcoupon reported that Redmi officially released the Redmi Note 12T Pro today. This device is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra mobile platform. Additionally, it features the same flagship LCD screen as its predecessor. It will be available for pre-sale starting tomorrow at 10 o’clock.

The Redmi Note 12T Pro has previously been registered for network access. The registration information indicates that the device supports 5G roaming in different networks, 67W fast charging, and 12GB of memory. However, more specific details are yet to be revealed by the official announcement.

Furthermore, Gizcoupon has noticed that according to the latest Geekbench data, the Redmi Note 12T Pro achieved a single-core score of 1224 and a multi-core score of 3921. These scores are consistent with the MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra chip found in the Xiaomi Civi 3. Xiaomi stated that the Dimensity 8200-Ultra chip was jointly defined by Xiaomi and MediaTek, introducing Xiaomi’s imaging engine for the first time, resulting in enhanced photography speed and quality. Additionally, it incorporates various advanced algorithms, including portrait blur, ultra-clear portraits, and multi-frame noise reduction.

So why does Redmi continue to adhere to LCD smartphones? Lu Weibing explained that it’s because of user demand. “Redmi has always strived to break conventions and continually improve to deliver products that users anticipate. We deeply understand the desires and expectations of our users. What they desire is not just an LCD phone, but a flagship-level LCD phone with top-notch performance and a versatile experience.”

Redmi Note 12T Pro specifications upgrade

Lu Weibing also revealed that the Redmi Note 12T Pro brings two major upgrades and a surprise compared to the Note 11T series. The first major upgrade is the maximum enhancement of the top-quality LCD screen. It supports supports 144Hz 7-speed variable speed and high refresh rate. It also achieves the rare feat of a true-to-life LCD display, upgrading eye protection in all scenarios. The second major upgrade is an even more advanced flagship chip. It now features the all-new MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra flagship chip, which not only adopts the cutting-edge TSMC 4nm process and a flagship-grade 3.1GHz frequency but also achieves a benchmark score exceeding 900,000. Moreover, Redmi and MediaTek have collaborated on in-depth tuning, harnessing Xiaomi’s self-developed dynamic performance scheduling technology, which delves into the chip’s underlying layers and significantly enhances performance output in demanding gaming scenarios.

A surprise is that 12GB+512GB of large memory and large storage are specially prepared. This is also an extremely rare combination of large storage for LCD phones of the same class.

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