Lu Weibing: I Regret The Closure of The Chip Business by OPPO, And Xiaomi Firmly Invests in Chips Development

May 26, 2023

On May 26, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi released its Q1 2023 financial report on May 24, Beijing time. During the earnings conference, Xiaomi President, Lu Weibing, expressed regret regarding OPPO’s decision to discontinue its chip business. Furthermore, he conveyed the unwavering determination of Xiaomi in the field of chip development. Lu Weibing emphasized that their commitment of Xiaomi to investing in chip technology remains steadfast.

OPPO recently shut down its chip division ZEKU, which has significantly impacted the industry. It raises concerns among netizens about Xiaomi’s ability to persevere in the chip sector. In response, Lu Weibing expressed deep regret over the decision of OPPO to cease chip production. He acknowledged the difficulty and challenges involved in chip manufacturing, emphasizing the need to respect every brave endeavor.

The commitment of Xiaomi to chip development

Lu Weibing also highlighted Xiaomi will enduring focus on chip development. Since 2014, Xiaomi has been exploring in-house chip research and development. Although the journey has not been without obstacles, the commitment of Xiaomi to chip technology remains resolute. Xiaomi-released chips, such as power management chips and ISP chips, have greatly contributed to their mobile terminal business.

“Investing in chips with unwavering determination is an essential decision made by both the board of directors and the management team. We fully understand the difficulties, long-term nature, and complexity of chip investment. In the future, we must respect the laws governing chip development, avoid seeking short-term gains, and be prepared for a marathon rather than treating it as a sprint,” stated Lu Weibing.

Furthermore, Lu Weibing emphasized that the purpose of Xiaomi in developing chips is to enhance the competitiveness of their products and improve user experience. This goal must be unequivocally acknowledged. Xiaomi will continue to make sustained investments in chip technology.

Finally, Lu Weibing called for more encouragement and tolerance towards the chip development business. This business has not only applause but also failures and setbacks.

It is reported that after the disbandment of the OPPO chip business unit, Xuanjie, a chip subsidiary of Xiaomi, held an internal mobilization meeting to boost morale. Xiaomi has expressed a firm stance internally regarding chip development and has a clear vision for its strategy. The company is currently conducting regular recruitments and actively seeking talent among former ZEKU employees.

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