Xiaomi Mijia Smart Evaporative Air Cooler Fan Is on The Shelves: Blowing, Cooling and Humidifying Three Effects in One

May 24, 2023

Gizcoupon, on May 24th, reported that Xiaomi had launched several new products just before the 618 shopping festival in China. One of these new products is the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Evaporative Air Cooler Fan, which had previously undergone crowdfunding on the Xiaomi Mall(Chinese e-commerce platform). During the crowdfunding phase, the fan was priced at 489 yuan (approximately $69), but now it is listed at 599 yuan (approximately $84) since its release today. However, there are expected to be discounts available before the 618 festival.

This fan features a circulating water cooling system. It can be filled with water and ice crystals to provide various cooling effects. Additionally, it incorporates an innovative wireless water tank design that can be easily detached for cleaning. With its built-in silver ion antibacterial module, it achieves an impressive 99.99% bacteria inhibition rate. The fan also boasts a 0.4-meter-long air outlet, allowing for a powerful airflow that can reach a distance of up to 10 meters.

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This fan offers four wind modes. They include direct airflow, natural breeze, sleep mode, and cool breeze. It operates with a low noise level of just 35.1 decibels, ensuring minimal disturbance during rest. Moreover, this product can be connected to the Mijia App, enabling remote control via Xiao Ai Assistant.

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