Roborock A10 Ultra Starts Pre-sale, The Pre-order Price for The New Product is Set at 3399 Yuan

May 20, 2023

On May 20th, Gizcoupon reported that Roborock had released its latest intelligent floor-cleaning device, the A10 Ultra. Currently, this floor cleaning machine is available for pre-order.

It features a streamlined dual-brush design. It boasts several advanced functionalities such as dual assistance, dual edge adherence, dual roll suction, dual spray, and dual scrubbing. Additionally, it supports three-dimensional drying and intelligent timed washing and drying. The device also offers all-day antibacterial protection and can serve as a vacuum cleaner when equipped with a floor brush. With a suction power of 17000Pa, it can effectively clean mattresses and sofas when paired with a bed brush. Moreover, it can tackle indoor crevices with the help of a bristle brush and extension rod.

Furthermore, the Roborock A10 Ultra supports Auto Smart Host. It can automatically sense the level of dirtiness and adjust suction power and water volume accordingly. It can also be connected to a smartphone via a dedicated app for personalized customization. In terms of battery life, the A10 Ultra is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, providing 40 minutes of floor washing and 60 minutes of vacuuming.

Currently, the Roborock A10 Ultra is available for pre-order on Chinese e-commerce platforms. The pre-order price for the new product is 3399 yuan (approximately $570). Interested Gizcoupon users can visit the platform to learn more.

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