Samsung Electronics Will Build A Chip Development Facility in Japan With An Expected Investment of More Than 30 Billion Yen

May 15, 2023

On May 14th, Gizcoupon reported that Samsung Electronics is planning to build a new development facility in Yokohama. It is seen as a symbolic move to promote cooperation between the chip industries of Japan and South Korea.

The new chip development facility is expected to cost over 30 billion yen. (approximately 222 million US dollars). It will be located in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, where Samsung’s Japanese research institute is currently located. The facility will focus on “backend” production, which involves packaging wafers into final products.

In fact, it was reported in March this year that Samsung Electronics merged two R&D institutions in Yokohama and Osaka. In addition, a comprehensive research and development center named DSRJ will be created in Japan. It will be located within Samsung’s Yokohama research institute.

At the time, Samsung stated that the main reason for merging the two research and development centers was to ease relations between South Korea and Japan. Moreover, it establishes a new semiconductor and displays research and development center in Japan.

Furthermore, Samsung also plans to establish a new comprehensive research center for the Device eXperience division under the name of “Samsung Research Japan” in Japan. International media believe that Samsung is attempting to enhance its comprehensive development capabilities by restructuring its research and development organizations related to device solutions.

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