Realme Buds Air5 Pro Hands-on: Pure White And Elegant, Flagship Texture

May 12, 2023

On May 10th, realme officially launched the long-awaited realme 11 Pro+ smartphone, along with the brand new true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, realme Buds Air5 Pro. Gizcoupon has already received the City of Sunrise version and now presents a wave of unboxing pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Realme Buds Air5 Pro design

The packaging of the realme Buds Air5 Pro is eye-catching with a bright yellow base color, giving off a vibrant and energetic look. The front displays the product image and black product name text.

The charging case has a pebble-like shape and a clean and elegant milk-white color. The top of the case also has a logo area covered by a transparent plastic sheet, creating an overall visually pleasing design.

Opening the charging case, the earbuds can be seen quietly lying inside.

The City of Sunrise version is a low-brightness white. However, the polished material surface still adds a beautiful luster to the overall appearance of the earbuds. The earbud cavity adopts an ergonomic design, and the semi-transparent earplugs have a touch of orange inside, making it a finishing touch.

realme Buds Air5 Pro

realme Buds Air5 Pro

The surface texture of the earbud handle is slightly different from that of the cavity, with a silk surface finish for the handle and a polished finish for the cavity. The two complement each other, creating a design that is not monotonous.

realme Buds Air5 Pro

realme Buds Air5 Pro

In addition to the earbuds, the packaging box also includes an instruction manual, a data cable, and one pair of large and small earplugs.

realme Buds Air5 Pro

Overall, the realme Buds Air5 Pro earbuds have a fresh and elegant design with a fashionable look, making them high-value wireless earphone that is suitable for various occasions. Wearing it in any situation will always look great.

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