Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 PTZ Version is Officially on Sale: The Initial Price is About $36, 5 Million Pixels + 3K Image Quality

May 11, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on May 10th that Xiaomi’s first 5 million pixels smart camera 3 PTZ version has arrived. It supports 3K resolution, adopts ultra-low light full color, dual-motor cloud platform, large-diameter speaker, and two-way voice communication.

According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 PTZ version has the MJA1 Mijia Security Chip. Each chip has a unique private key and certificate, which ensures data communication and privacy security, and the sleep time can be customized. In addition, it adopts a 5 million pixel camera and supports 3K resolution (2960 X 1666 resolution). The camera uses ultra-low light full color, an internal high-sensitivity image sensor, adapts to dark light environments, and has 8 infrared fill lights. It supports human detection and will actively notify when someone is detected. It also supports AI face recognition to view familiar or unfamiliar people.

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The Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 PTZ version uses a dual-motor cloud platform. Users can control the lens to rotate up, down, left, and right via their phone, with a horizontal viewing angle of 360 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 109 degrees. It also supports human motion tracking. It supports two-way voice communication and has an 8-meter long-distance pickup distance. Moreover, it uses an independent acoustic cavity large-diameter speaker and is equipped with a microphone for intelligent noise reduction. It supports Xiaomi’s multi-terminal linkage, including smartphones, tablets, Xiaoai speakers, and Xiaomi TVs to view camera footage. In addition, it can be used with other Mijia smart devices, such as Xiaomi smart locks, smart desk lamps, etc., to set smart scene modes as needed.

Gizcoupon has also provided a table showing the differences in features between Xiaomi’s smart cameras, which is as follows:

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