Xiaomi Router 7000 Will Support Wi-Fi 7 in The Future

May 6, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on May 6th that the Xiaomi Router 7000 is now available for pre-order at a price of 799 yuan (approximately $115 USD).

The router’s specific model name, whether it is AX7000 or BE7000, is not specified on the official product page. Additionally, the page does not clarify whether it is a Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 7 router. To address this confusion, Gizcoupon reached out to Xiaomi customer service and was informed that the router would eventually support Wi-Fi 7.

In February 2023, Xiaomi unveiled a powerful Wi-Fi 7 router with the model name BE7000 at the MWC 2023. It is likely that the product launched today is this router.

Xiaomi router 7000 parameters

The Xiaomi Router 7000 supports dual-frequency/three-frequency switching and uses 4K QAM to increase speed by an additional 20%. The dual-frequency mode has a wider coverage and is more versatile, while the three-frequency mode not only supports high-speed Mesh networking but also provides an independent e-sports frequency band. Equipped with a Qualcomm enterprise-grade processor with a 4-core A73 architecture and paired with 1GB of RAM, the router can stably connect up to 600 devices.

In the 2.4GHz frequency band, the Xiaomi Router 7000 has added two high-performance signal amplifiers, which make the signal reception more sensitive and reduce blind spots. The router has ventilation holes on the top, sides, and bottom to form a fast-circulating heat dissipation channel, which can prevent the router from reducing frequency or devices from dropping due to overheating. The router has four 2.5G Ethernet ports supporting IPTV and custom gaming ports. Additionally, it supports dual WAN/dual LAN and can aggregate up to 5Gbps. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Router 7000 also has a dedicated acceleration feature for Xiaomi devices, which intelligently recognizes Xiaomi/Redmi phones and opens up a dedicated acceleration channel for gaming. It also supports software acceleration for devices such as PS, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile phones, reducing gaming latency and stuttering.

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