Sources Say Google Will Discontinue Pixel A Series, And Pixel 7a is The Last

May 3, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on May 2nd that Google releases flagship Pixel phones every year, as well as more affordable Pixel A series phones. The Pixel A series has been popular among consumers because of its strong performance and competitive prices. However, there are recent rumors that Google may release the last Pixel A series phone, the Pixel 7a, this year.

According to sources Yogesh Brar, Google will not release a Pixel 8a because the differences between the Pixel A series and the flagship Pixel phones have become increasingly small. This seems plausible given the specifications of the Google Pixel 7a that have been circulating. The Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 have almost identical configurations, with only some differences in screen size and camera. In terms of price, the Pixel 7a has increased by $50 from its predecessor, the Pixel 6a, to $499, making it only $100 cheaper than the Pixel 7. Given this, it makes little sense for Google to continue releasing two similar phones.

Yogesh Brar also suggests that Google will annually release a foldable phone to replace the Pixel A series in its product line. This foldable phone will be a successor to the upcoming Pixel Fold. However, this also means it will be difficult for consumers to purchase a Pixel phone for under $500.

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This news is undoubtedly a blow to users who like the Pixel A series. Although there are many other low-priced phones to choose from on the market, the Pixel A series has always given a feeling of stability, reliability, and value for money. If this is truly their last year, we can only hope that Google will bring us better products in the future.

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