Galaxy Z Series Foldable Phones Have Hinge Issues, and Samsung Will Pass The Cost Onto Consumers

April 27, 2023

On April 27th, Gizcoupon reported that according to a recent report by South Korean media outlet BusinessKorea, there are hinge issues with the Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phone series, which were not disclosed properly to the customers, resulting in the cost of the problem being transferred to the consumers.

Galaxy Z Series

Under normal circumstances, users need to open the Galaxy Z series folding screen phone to 180 degrees to use it. However, due to hinge design problems, sometimes users cannot fully open it. If the issue persists, it may lead to black lines appearing in the foldable screen area.

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Samsung Electronics failed to inform customers of this issue properly. As per the report cited by Gizcoupon from BusinessKorea, consumers can visit service centers and, after confirming that the phone has not suffered any external impact, can receive free repairs.

The issue, however, is that even if the root cause of the malfunction is due to the hinge issue itself, if there is any external damage or scratches on the phone’s appearance, the consumers will not be able to receive free repair services from the service centers. This puts a significant burden on the customers. Customers may have to bear additional costs for repair services despite the issue not being their fault.

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