Fengmi Laser TV C3: 1.07 Billion Colors, AIPQ+FAV Intelligent Image Quality Engine

April 27, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 27th that Fengmi Projector recently announced the release of the Fengmi Laser TV C3 on May 8th at Beijing Time. On April 26th, the official website released new pre-launch content.

The Fengmi Laser TV C3 will support 1.07 billion colors and have a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Moreover, the device will also come with an AIPQ+FAV intelligent image quality engine. This technology is expected to dynamically enhance the clarity, contrast, and saturation of images through AI image quality enhancement and the Fengmi FAV image quality engine.

In addition, the device will also support a 4K ultra-high definition and ALPD laser display. The 80-200 inch giant screen will have a brightness of 400nit, making it perfect for a cinematic experience.

The Fengmi Laser TV C3 will continue to use the ALPD laser display technology. It is based on laser-excited rare earth materials and mixed-color lasers for image display. According to the official introduction, this technology has been applied in over 28,000 high-end laser projection halls across China. Additionally, it has the characteristics of an efficient light source, better light efficiency, wider color gamut, and higher contrast.

Fengmi has previously released multiple cinema laser projectors/TVs, including the Fengmi Laser TV C2 series. This series supports 4K images, a 100-inch anti-glare giant screen, a brightness of 400nit, and a MEMC motion compensation function. Furthermore, the Fengmi C2 series currently has a single-machine price of about $1444, and the 100-inch Fresnel hard screen kit version is priced at about $1877.

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