Xiaomi Launches Mijia Fascia Gun Pro

April 24, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 23rd that Xiaomi launched the Mijia Fascia Gun and the Mijia Fascia Gun Mini last year. They cost approximately $65 and $50, respectively. Recently, a new product called the Mijia Fascia Gun Pro was discovered by a Gizcoupon user on Xiaomi’s website. It is currently in the pre-order stage and priced at around $145, according to the product page. It will be available for sale on April 25th at 10:00 Beijing time, and a discount may be offered at that time.

According to the introduction, this product uses a high-power 126W strong magnetic engine with a striking force of 35kg. It can achieve 3200rpm deep massage and 14mm deep muscle activation. Moreover, it features a user-friendly rotating button for adjusting modes and an LED digital screen. Additionally, it offers two operating modes: a 12-speed fixed-frequency mode and a 6-speed variable-frequency massage mode.

In other aspects, the Mijia Fascia Gun Pro has a 3800mAh lithium battery that can be used continuously for 30 days with 10 minutes of daily use on the 1st fixed-frequency mode. It also uses a Type-C interface and supports 27W fast charging.

Additionally, it adopts a hidden heat dissipation air duct design and features an intelligent indicator light. It provides 5 types of massage heads and is equipped with a brushless motor, which only produces a noise level of 34dB(A).

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