Vivo X Fold2 Hands-On: Lighter, Thinner, and More Business-Friendly

April 25, 2023

On the evening of April 20th, Beijing time, vivo held a new product launch event for its foldable flagship series, releasing three new products: the vivo X Fold2, vivo X Flip, and vivo Pad2.

Vivo X Fold2

Over the past two years, while the overall smartphone market has experienced a decline in shipments, the foldable smartphone market has been thriving. AiRui Consulting expected the shipment volume of foldable smartphones in China to increase by 154% year-on-year in 2022, and they estimate that manufacturers will ship around 5.5 million units in 2023.

The growth in shipment volume can be attributed to the maturation of foldable screen products, with the vivo X Fold series being representative of outstanding foldable screen products in the market. The newly released vivo X Fold2 brings many innovative experiences to users.

Gizcoupon has already obtained the Huaxia Red version of the vivo X Fold2 and now presents its experience report to everyone.

Packaging of vivo X Fold2

The packaging box of the vivo X Fold2 is similar to the previous generation, with a flat black gift box design. The product text on the front is in a highlighted black color, very low-key, while the “ZEISS” small blue logo is relatively eye-catching.

Vivo X Fold2

Upon opening the package, you can see the foldable screen lying flat in the box, with an elegant butterfly-shaped wallpaper.

Vivo X Fold2

The back design of Vivo X Fold2

Let’s first close the phone and look at the back. The China Red color of the vivo X Fold2 is not a very bright red. Its brightness is lower than the previous vivo X Fold+ China Red, giving it a more weighty and comfortable, classical feel.

Vivo X Fold2

The back panel adopts a dual-yin-yang splicing design. About 3/4 of the left side is made of leather, while the remaining blank part on the right side is made of dark red glossy glass, symbolizing the unity of yin and yang, creating infinite possibilities.

Vivo X Fold2

The camera’s design language continues the artistic expression of “heaven is round, and the earth is square,” simple yet worth exploring.

Vivo X Fold2

The lens ring around the camera is carved with 960 delicate textures using CNC precision machining machines and high-gloss cutting tools. These textures use the triangular pits design of Rolex watches, which look exquisite and feel delicate.

Vivo X Fold2

The front design of Vivo X Fold2

The front of the phone has a 6.53-inch external screen with a front-facing camera in the top-center punch hole. The screen is curved on the right side, extending directly to the phone’s frame.

Vivo X Fold2

The vivo X Fold2 adopts a shiny metal frame with a deep silver-black color that blends seamlessly with the screen. It is also in harmony with the back camera and has a solid and sturdy texture.

Vivo X Fold2

When unfolded, the phone reveals an 8.03-inch internal screen with a front-facing camera centered at the top right of the screen. Surrounding the screen is a matte plastic bezel that provides protection when you close the device.

Vivo X Fold2

The hinge and pivot mechanism does not feature any particularly unique designs, but the matte finish gives a comfortable and sleek appearance, which reflects the minimalist design philosophy.

Vivo X Fold2

The vivo X Fold2 is only 6.07mm thick when unfolded, 12.9mm when folded, and weighs 278g, which is noticeably lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

Vivo X Fold2

In terms of other features, the top of the phone houses speakers and microphones, while the bottom features a SIM card slot, speakers, microphones, and a USB Type-C port. There is only one mute button on the left side of the device and volume and power buttons on the right.

Vivo X Fold2 Vivo X Fold2

Accessories for Vivo X Fold2

In addition to the phone, the packaging box includes a 120W charger and cable, instructions, a SIM card ejector, a VIP membership card, and a leather protective case. The case features the same design as the phone’s back cover, combining transparent plastic with red leather, creating a stylish appearance.

Vivo X Fold2

Aside from the included protective case, Gizcoupon also received a customized leather stand case for the vivo X Fold2. Its overall design is similar to the included case, with a combination of leather and plastic, except that the plastic features black vertical stripes. The overall design features a combination of red and black colors.

Vivo X Fold2

Vivo X Fold2

Furthermore, the case can unfold into a stand leg, allowing users to place the phone horizontally or vertically on a table, making it convenient for work or watching videos.

Vivo X Fold2

Overall, the vivo X Fold2 in the “Huaxia Red” color has excellent craftsmanship and a high aesthetic value, making it one of the most attractive foldable phones on the market.

Performance and user experience

As a flagship smartphone, the fundamental user experience cannot be subpar, so let us first examine the performance of the vivo X Fold2.

This smartphone comes with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 SPU custom chip. SPU (Secure Processing Unit) is the security processing unit built into the second-generation Snapdragon 8 SPU custom flagship chip, which has an independent hardware-level processor. You can use it to enhance the security of existing businesses and further improve their security. The second-generation Snapdragon 8 is also familiar to most people as it is a standard feature in flagship smartphones this year.

Additionally, the vivo X Fold2 foldable screen phone also Features the vivo self-developed chip V2. Its built-in self-developed image processing unit supports 19 leading algorithms, including AI NR noise reduction, HDR tone mapping, and MEMC frame insertion. The self-developed AI computing unit can achieve 100% MAC utilization, and the kernel’s highest computing power per watt is 16.3TOPS/W.

Furthermore, this V2 chip has a self-developed memory unit. Moreover, it achieves a 45MB equivalent SRAM cache and an SRAM speed of up to 1.3 trillion bits per second.

Benchmark test of Vivo X Fold2

Gizcoupon conducted benchmark tests on the vivo X Fold2. The results showed that it scored 1,308,112 points on the “AnTuTu Benchmark” test, which is an expected performance of the second-generation Snapdragon 8. On the “GeekBench 5” test, the vivo X Fold2 scored 1,380 points on the single-core test and 4,878 points on the multi-core test, which is somewhat restrained. In terms of flash memory performance, the vivo X Fold2 achieved a write speed of 3,103 MB/s and a read speed of 3,490 MB/s, demonstrating a stable performance of UFS 4.0.

Test the performance of vivo X Fold2 with “Genshin Impact”

Next, we evaluated the performance of the vivo X Fold2 through actual gaming tests. First, we tested “Genshin Impact” with the graphics quality set to high.

We set the phone to BOOST mode, and we played the game on the internal screen for 30 minutes. During the first 15 minutes, we strolled around Liyue Harbor, and in the last 15 minutes, we ran through the map while fighting enemies. The overall average frame rate was 59.07 fps.

From the frame rate curve, We can observe that the vivo X Fold2’s frame rate fluctuates significantly while fighting enemies. However, in practice, this did not have a significant impact on the experience. Looking at the CPU frequency, we find that the vivo X Fold2’s performance tuning for the second-generation Snapdragon 8 is somewhat restrained. The frequency of the large core hardly goes above 2.2GHz. However, the good news is that its scheduling of different core performance resources is relatively reasonable, and both the performance and efficiency core can maintain stable output.

The advantage of this approach is that the vivo X Fold2 has excellent control over the overall power consumption of the device. After the game ended, the highest temperature measured was only 32.8°C, and during gameplay, the phone only had minimal heat dissipation.

As the vivo X Fold2 foldable phone is positioned as a business flagship, it is reasonable for it to adopt a restrained performance tuning strategy.

Test the performance of vivo X Fold2 with “Glory of the King”

I conducted a test on the phone using the game “King of Glory”(a popular mobile game in China) with the graphics settings set to the highest, 120fps high frame rate mode and played a match for about 15 minutes using the internal screen.

We measured the average frame rate during gameplay at 120.37fps, and the frame rate curve shows that the entire gaming experience was very smooth and stable, with almost no dropped frames.

After the game ended, the highest temperature recorded on the device was 33.3℃, near the rear camera.

Overall, as a business flagship, the vivo X Fold2 does not exhibit the same level of wild performance output as other flagship phones. However, thanks to the powerful foundation of the second-generation Snapdragon 8 platform, this phone still demonstrates flagship-level performance. In daily use, unless it involves highly demanding games or other tasks, there should be no performance issues.

Foldable screen user experience

For a foldable screen phone, the functions and user experience derived from the foldable screen are very important, which is also a major highlight of the vivo X Fold2.

The internal screen of the vivo X Fold2 is an 8.03-inch Samsung E6 OLED screen with a resolution of 2160×1916, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and an aspect ratio of 4:3.55. The external screen is a 6.53-inch Samsung E6 OLED screen with a resolution of 2520×1080, an aspect ratio of 21:9, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Both screens have the same high-quality display, and there is no difference in experience between them.

After unfolding the inner screen, vivo X Fold2 can hardly see obvious creases, and the entire screen is very flat.

The vivo X Fold2 uses the world’s only ultra-durable lightweight hinge, made of FS54 aviation-grade steel, high-strength carbon fiber materials, and the most solid IPC board. It is durable and has passed the 400,000-fold TÜV Rheinland folding test certification.

Like its predecessor, the vivo X Fold2 also supports the global exclusive 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint, which means that both the internal and external screens have 3D ultrasonic fingerprints. The unlocking speed is very fast, and you can hardly feel the unlocking process. Moreover, users only need to register it once, and they can use it on both internal and external screens, which is very convenient.

Business functions

For business people, the improvement in office productivity brought by the foldable screen is also noteworthy. For example, the vivo X Fold2 supports the WPS document multi-opening function, which can open up to 4 documents simultaneously in small windows or split-screen mode, so you don’t need to switch back and forth when viewing different materials.

Additionally, users can easily share the contents of multiple documents by dragging and dropping the information from one document to another.

For example, business professionals often need to attend meetings, and the vivo X Fold2 has optimized its foldable screen for online meetings. Taking “Tencent Meeting” as an example, during a meeting, it supports a hovering function that displays the shared meeting content on the upper half of the screen. In contrast, the lower half serves as an operational area with touch control, as if using a laptop on a desk.

Moreover, during the meeting, the vivo X Fold2’s built-in AI subtitle function can transcribe the speech into text in real time. After the meeting, users can synchronize the text and audio into the device’s built-in Atomic Note to conveniently search for key points or further editing. It is indeed very useful for business professionals who frequently attend meetings.

Speaking of the office productivity of business professionals, one cannot fail to mention Vivo’s Quantum Suite, which is the first Android phone series to achieve cross-device office productivity with the Mac platform. Users can connect and synchronize it with a Mac or PC through search, scanning, or data cable methods. It is particularly useful for those who use Mac, as it can greatly alleviate the pain point of information sharing between Mac and Android phones.

PC remote control function

One particularly noteworthy feature of the Vivo X Fold2 is its quantum suite PC remote control function. We have all experienced the frustration of realizing that we left important files on our home computer while on a business trip. However, with the built-in Vivo remote control PC application, you can remotely control your computer from your phone, allowing you to perform operations such as document editing, data sending and receiving, and task handling remotely.

When using it, users can display the PC screen on the phone, and they can even fold the Vivo X Fold2 into hover mode. In this mode, the upper half of the screen displays the PC screen while the lower half serves as a virtual touchpad and other functional areas. The touchpad’s operation logic is the same as that of the PC, making it feel like you are using a mini-computer.

Users who have the means can also connect external keyboards and mice. Of course, this feature is primarily designed to address unforeseen circumstances where temporary remote control of the computer is necessary. For business professionals, this can be a crucial tool to solve pressing problems in times of need.

Hover mode

Speaking of hover mode, the Vivo X Fold2 also supports a variety of hover mode experiences, such as hover viewing. In hover mode, the upper half of the screen displays the video content, while the lower half serves as the functional operation area.

During video calls, the upper half of the screen displays the video call. The lower half provides a control for muting, volume, sharing, and other operations, making the call more intuitive.

In addition, in calendar mode, the Vivo X Fold2 can display as a calendar clock, enhancing the practicality and fun of the foldable screen in a home environment.

Overall, the Vivo X Fold2’s optimization of the foldable screen experience is well thought out. Not only is the foldable screen itself durable and without creases, but the suite of interactive functions built around the foldable screen is also comprehensive. Especially with its productivity optimization, it can become an excellent emergency production tool for business users during business trips.

Image experience

In terms of imaging, the vivo X Fold2 is equipped with a triple rear camera setup, which includes a 50-megapixel VCS bio-spectrum main camera with f/1.75 aperture, 1/1.49 inch VCS IMX866 sensor, and OIS optical image stabilization. Additionally, it has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens supported by an IMX663 sensor and a 12-megapixel professional portrait lens with an IMX663 sensor.

Now let’s take a closer look at the camera performance of this phone. First, in daylight conditions with sufficient light, the photos taken with the vivo X Fold2 have full color, sharp details, and a slightly vivid overall style.

Zeiss Natural Color 2.0 feature

The vivo X Fold2 supports Zeiss Natural Color 2.0, which, when turned on, leans towards restoring the true colors of the scene and fine-tuning the saturation of the camera imaging, complemented by white balance, brightness, and tone, to achieve a natural and soft image effect that highlights the color layering. For example, when you turn on the Zeiss Natural Color 2.0 for the same scene, you will notice that the resulting photo colors are much closer to reality. Both the flowers and the sky appear less vibrant than in the previous photo, with the overall exposure and contrast being more natural.

Next is a backlit scene, where the vivo X Fold2 performs well in terms of dynamic range, capturing rich details in the sky clouds without overexposure. The airplane model against the backlight is also not too dark, and the overall brightness transition and color accuracy are quite natural.

Shooting with various lenses

Regarding macro shots, although the vivo X Fold2 does not have a dedicated macro lens, it can still capture objects at a very close distance, as seen in the example below. The focus on the flower is clear, and the background blur is also adequate.

Moving on to the photos taken with the ultra-wide-angle lens, there was no significant difference in the imaging style compared to the main wide-angle lens in the same scene. Moreover, there was no distortion on the edges of the ultra-wide-angle photos, and the lines of the buildings remained straight.

Next, let’s take a look at the night scene, such as the photo taken in front of a shopping mall shown below. The brightness of the picture is adequate, and the purity is high. Meanwhile, Vivo’s HDR algorithm is as stable as ever, suppressing highlights abnormally. The camera can even compress the light source from nearby electric car lights.

When taking another photo in night mode, the camera slightly increases the brightness of the picture while maintaining its purity. Additionally, it corrects the white balance of the picture. But in general, the nighttime atmosphere seems less intense and more suitable for use in extremely dark lighting conditions.

The fun and creative Zeiss landscape and architecture mode

In addition to the basic shooting quality, the vivo X Fold2 also brings many camera features developed in collaboration with Zeiss, such as the Zeiss Cinematic movie mode, professional food mode, Zeiss Vario-Tessar portrait mode, etc. Here, let me introduce a feature that might have been overlooked but is quite fun: the Zeiss landscape and architecture mode. With this mode, the phone can use a professional lens to change the perspective and focus area of the picture, keeping the subject unchanged and making the scenery in front of your eyes shrink into a toy-like view.

This feature is suitable for taking aerial photos of grand scenery, such as the photo I took of a tall building. You will find that the distant bridge and buildings look like small stereoscopic toys, which is very interesting.

“Hovering Starry Sky” mode

Another interesting feature that I would like to mention is the “Hovering Starry Sky” mode. In the past, capturing the night sky required long exposure shots, which were almost impossible without a tripod. However, with the vivo X Fold2’s foldable screen and hovering mode, it is now possible to capture stunning shots of the night sky without the need for a tripod. By placing the device in the appropriate shooting location in hovering mode, the upper half of the screen turns into a viewfinder and the lower half into a control area for adjusting settings such as shutter speed. After pressing the shutter, you simply wait for the exposure to finish and take the shot.

Unfortunately, the city of Qingdao, where Gizcoupon is located, has recently experienced cloudy weather, so they were not able to capture any shots of the stars. However, the photo below shows that even on a pitch-black night, the entire scene is still bright and clear, with the night sky clouds vividly visible. If the conditions are right, capturing shots of the stars is not a problem.

4K chip-level night vision

Finally, I would like to mention the V2 chip-powered 4K chip-level night vision capability of the vivo X Fold2. Even in an environment with almost no light, this device can still capture photos with outstanding brightness and clarity. For example, in the scene below, the environment is extremely dark, with objects barely visible to the naked eye, yet the viewfinder of the vivo X Fold2 displays a much brighter image.

Moreover, you can take the shot while holding the device entirely by hand. Although the exposure time is a bit long, you won’t blur the photo as long as you hold your hand as still as possible.

Overall, the imaging capability of the vivo X Fold2 is exceptional, with flagship-level basic imaging capabilities, a rich array of Zeiss imaging features, the hovering shooting mode brought by the foldable screen, and the computational photography capabilities provided by the V2 chip. I believe this is enough for most users. If I had to mention a shortcoming, it might be the lack of a telephoto lens.

Please refer to the pictures provided for more sample photos taken with the vivo X Fold2.



Foldable smartphones have now moved beyond the initial exploratory phase and into the realm of practical use. However, there is still a long way to go before they can truly become mainstream. The key theme of this journey is to make the products thinner, lighter, and more functional, enabling the foldable feature to truly shine. Only then will more consumers be willing to choose foldable smartphones.

Despite entering the foldable smartphone market relatively late, Vivo’s X Fold series has always been aimed in this direction from the start. As a result, it showed good competitiveness from the outset. The vivo X Fold2 takes this exploration to a deeper level. It is more rational and restrained, and its positioning is also leaning towards the direction of the business. Especially in the exploration of foldable screen functionality, it is believed to be of greater interest to business professionals.

Overall, this is still an outstanding flagship foldable smartphone, with sufficient configuration and even lighter and thinner. It is particularly friendly to business professionals who often need to work and handle affairs on their phones. If you are one of these individuals, then the vivo X Fold2 is sure to be a great fit for you.

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