Xiaomi Mijia Electric Wine Bottle Opener Goes on Sale Today

April 21, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 21st that Xiaomi Mall(a Chinese e-commerce platform) had announced the launch of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Wine Bottle Opener. It is available for purchase today for a price of 79 yuan(≈$11). Additionally, it supports quick uncorking in 10 seconds with a one-key automatic cork removal function.

The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Wine Bottle Opener has a runway circle design with a skin-friendly texture and a body weight of 244 grams. It uses a two-key operation, a cork removal key and an uncorking key. It also features a hidden foil cutter and a cork storage chamber that is compatible with most wine bottles.

This Electric Wine Bottle Opener supports automatic uncorking in 10 seconds (note: laboratory tests show that the uncorking speed is 6-10 seconds), operates with low noise, and is less prone to breaking the cork or dropping the dregs. It can open up to 170 bottles on a single charge.

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Gizcoupon also provides the following uncorking steps:

  1. Rotate the foil cutter to cut off the foil cap.
  2. Align the opener with the bottle mouth and press the uncorking key to uncork the bottle automatically.
  3. After the cork is removed, press the cork removal key to remove the cork from the device automatically.
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