Vivo X Fold 2: 7 Parameters Are Unique in The World

April 21, 2023

On April 21st, Gizcoupon reported that at last night’s launch event, vivo released the new generation of vivo X Fold 2 foldable phone. It is expected to be the most powerful foldable model in the industry. According to vivo, their understanding of foldable screens is to achieve both thinness and versatility without compromising either.

According to official sources, the vivo X Fold 2 boasts 7 exclusive technologies that are leading globally, including:

  • 2K+ E6 flagship dual main screens, one inner and one outer
  • Self-developed aviation-grade waterdrop hinge
  • 120W dual-core flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging
  • Second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip
  • Industry’s largest VC liquid cooling area
  • 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint scanner
  • Wireless lossless Hi-Fi

vivo X Fold 2 Screens

It is reported that the vivo X Fold 2 is equipped with the world’s only 2K+ E6 flagship dual main screens. It has an 8.03-inch large screen when unfolded. Both the inner and outer screens of the Fold2 use Samsung’s 120Hz E6 material. The inner screen has a resolution of 2160×1916p and a peak brightness of 1800nit, LTPO 4.0, while the outer screen is a 6.53-inch curved screen with a resolution of 1080p and a peak brightness of 1600nit. The outer screen is covered with a Schott UTG glass cover and a superconductive anti-reflection coating. It supports multi-angle hovering and 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking.

The phone also features a brand-new, super-durable, and lightweight hinge made with Vivo’s self-developed FS54 aviation-grade material, which is stronger and lighter. It has passed the Rhein 40W foldability test. The waterdrop diameter has been upgraded from 4.6mm to 5.0mm. Moreover, the bending radius has been increased, making the screen flatness among the top in the industry.

vivo X Fold 2

Power systems and powerful chips

Vivo X Fold 2 is a smartphone that boasts a powerful battery system. It has a unique 120W dual-core flash charge, 50W wireless flash charge, and an equivalent 4800mAh long-lasting battery. With this system, it can be fully charged in just 26 minutes.

vivo X Fold 2

In terms of performance, the vivo X Fold 2 features the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip. Besides, it features LPDDR5+UFS 4.0 storage and a 134.8W score on the AnTuTu benchmark. Therefore, it claims to be the top Android phone. Moreover, vivo has customized an industry-exclusive new-generation SPU security chip to provide comprehensive security and privacy protection.

The smartphone is also equipped with Vivo’s self-developed V2 dual-core imaging chip. When shooting night scenes, it significantly improves brightness and reduces noise, making it capable of taking clear pictures even in the dark. When taking photos against backlighting, the highlights are not overexposed, and there are details in the dark areas. During video playback, it automatically predicts and compensates for motion, significantly improving video smoothness.

The vivo X Fold 2 has a 50-megapixel primary camera that uses vivo and Sony’s VCS bionic spectral technology to reduce noise by 20% and increase color reproduction by 15%. Additionally, the camera comes with an optical stabilization feature, a large aperture, and a Carl Zeiss T* optical lens, making it a benchmark in foldable screen photography.

vivo X Fold 2

vivo X Fold 2 Design

Despite its impressive performance, the vivo X Fold 2 is designed to be lightweight and thin. It is reduced in weight by about 33g and thickness by 2mm compared to its predecessor. Vivo has achieved this by reducing the number of hinge parts by 83 and reducing the hinge’s weight by 30%.

The official statement emphasizes the importance of weight reduction without compromising on quality. The new foldable device boasts a 33% increase in lifespan compared to its predecessor, with a foldable lifespan of up to 400,000 times.

In terms of design, the new device adheres to the principles of “modern Chinese aesthetic design.” The vivo X Fold 2 features a unique dual-yuan and all-encompassing splicing design, creatively reconstructing the body and opening up new visual and tactile spaces. Through the use of different textures and materials, the device showcases the splendid diversity of Chinese civilization. Furthermore, the device will be available in three color options:

  • “Huaxia Red” exudes an oriental charm, with a combination of plain leather and Schott glass depicting an ink-wash painting of a panoramic view of mountains and rivers on the glass material.
  • “Sky Blue” draws inspiration from the Song Dynasty Ru kiln’s “sky blue glaze.” The splicing area adopts glass, which creates a transparent texture, providing both pure visual and gentle tactile experiences.
  • “String Shadow Black” utilizes precise exposure technology, with organic leather texture on the left and the shadow of a guqin on the right. It perfectly blends the elegance of the East with modern technology.

The glass version of the vivo X Fold 2 is 12.9mm thick when folded, 6.4mm thick when unfolded, and weighs 279g. The plain leather version is 13.2mm thick when folded, 6.67mm thick when unfolded, and weighs 278g.

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