Vivo Pad2 Hands-On: Positioning “Truly Almighty Flagship”

April 21, 2023

On the evening of April 21st(Beijing Time), at the Vivo Foldable Series and Tablet Flagship New Product Launch, Vivo officially announced the release of its second-generation flagship tablet, the Vivo Pad2. The Vivo Pad2’s starting price is about $348. Gizcoupon has obtained this new product and brings you a real shot of appreciation.

The Vivo Pad2 continues the hardcore label of the first-generation flagship tablet and insists on using flagship configuration to create an almighty true flagship user experience.

Features of the screen of Vivo Pad2

The screen of the Vivo Pad2 is a customized 12.1-inch 7:5 ultra-sensitive color screen with a peak brightness of 600nits, supporting P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion colors true color display, HDR 10, etc. The company claims that it can reconstruct the habits of creating/producing on A4 paper. This screen supports a 2.8K 144Hz ultra-sensitive display, as well as an 88.1% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio and a 7:5 golden ratio, which is similar to the aspect ratio of A4 paper. It can present a more comfortable and efficient ratio both horizontally and vertically.

Compared with traditional 16:10 screens, the 7:5 vertical display is larger, and the visual effect can be close to that of a 13.3-inch computer. It can achieve PC-level efficiency when browsing the web or files. In addition, Vivo has also launched a UI adaptive engine for this screen, which further solves the problem of application landscape mode adaptation.

The Vivo Pad2 comes with an aerospace aluminum-integrated metal rear cover with a resonant cavity seamless antenna design. It has a body thickness of 6.59mm and a weight of 585g.


In terms of core configuration, the Vivo Pad2 features the Dimensity 9000 flagship chip, up to 12+512GB ultra-large memory, and a 10,000mAh super large battery.

Vivo Pad2

The Vivo Pad2 also adopts a self-developed six-speaker super sound system, a surging sound field, and is equipped with OriginOS For Pad system, vivo intelligent touch keyboard, supports vivo Pencil 2 handwriting pen, supports multi-device cross-screen collaboration, and linkage with mobile phones, computers, etc. Additionally, a self-developed simulation writing engine provides a realistic sense of touch and more.

Vivo Pad2

Vivo Pad2

Vivo Pad2

Vivo Pad2


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