Xiaomi Mijia Quick Cooking Rice Cooker 4L Officially launched On Sale

April 19, 2023

According to Gizcoupon’s report on April 19th, the Xiaomi Mijia Quick Cooking Rice Cooker 4L, which was previously available for pre-order at a price of 299 yuan(≈$43), is now officially on sale for an introductory price of 269 yuan(≈$39).

Xiaomi Mijia Quick Cooking Rice Cooker 4L Features

The exterior of the Mijia Quick Cooking Rice Cooker 4L features a newly upgraded super white glass panel with a simple and scratch-resistant design, along with four touch buttons.

The bottom of the rice cooker’s inner pot has a new circular flame pattern, which increases the heating area on the outer side of the pot and, combined with high firepower, speeds up the heat transfer. Xiaomi has also upgraded the inner pot to a 2.0mm thick design, which is more durable, heats up quickly, and reduces heat loss.

Xiaomi claims that the “Golden Quick Cook” mode can ensure that the rice is cooked to a 99% degree of glutinosity in just 25 minutes, which is 34% faster than the “Precision Cook” mode. The specially designed quick-cooking curve balances the rice’s taste and cooking efficiency. The rice cooker also has a larger hidden bubble breaker, with a double-row and six-hole design that increases gas discharge and prevents overflowing while cooking porridge.

In addition, the Mijia Quick Cooking Rice Cooker 4L provides users with five different cooking modes, including steaming, boiling, simmering, and stewing, and supports a 24-hour reservation mode.

Note: Laboratory data shows that a 3L rice cooker can cook 1-5 cups of rice, equivalent to 2-10 bowls of rice, while a 4L rice cooker can cook 1-8 cups of rice, equivalent to 2-16 bowls of rice, using household bowls with a diameter of about 11.5cm and a height of about 6cm that can hold approximately 190-250g of rice. Please note that these data are for reference only and may vary based on actual circumstances.

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