Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Steam Iron Hits the Shelves

April 19, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 19th that Xiaomi Mall(The official online shopping platform of Xiaomi) has recently launched a new Mijia handheld steam iron. The starting price is 279 yuan(≈$40). According to the official announcement, it supports multiple ironing modes and can continuously iron 7 T-shirts. It also features antibacterial and mite-removing functions, as well as power-off protection.

The Xiaomi Mijia handheld steam iron adopts micro-boosting technology (30kPa) with 10 steam holes for releasing steam. It can soften clothing fibers and smooth out basic wrinkles with a spray distance of over 50cm and a power of 1200W.

It offers various ironing modes, including dry ironing, damp ironing for smoothing out general wrinkles, and damp ironing with explosive steam to tackle stubborn wrinkles. They easily tackle stubborn creases. Moreover, it also supports hanging ironing for commuting shirts and dresses, as well as flat ironing for autumn and winter thick clothing.

The Xiaomi Mijia, handheld steam iron, can heat up and produce steam in just 30 seconds. It will not release steam until heating is completed to avoid scalding caused by unvaporized hot water. Equipped with a 150mL water tank, the steam iron is easy to refill and features a detachable and visible design. It can iron multiple pieces of clothing at once (Gizcoupon notes that it can iron 8 shirts, 7 T-shirts, and 2 coats, respectively).

The iron will automatically power off if it has been inactive for more than 8 minutes, and it will quickly detect and reheat when picked up again for continued use. You can lock the steam button with one button and release steam continuously without pressing your fingers for a long time.

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