Xiaomi Mijia Pipi Lamp Released

April 19, 2023

On April 19th, Gizcoupon reported that the Xiaomi Mijia Pipi Lamp was launched tonight(Beijing Time). Additionally, it is now available for crowdfunding at a price of 499 yuan(≈$72.51).

Xiaomi Mijia Pipi Lamp

According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, the Xiaomi Mijia Pipi Lamp is equipped with an AI interactive camera. For the first time, a Mijia table lamp has achieved low-latency gesture interaction through a hand keypoint detection algorithm. Users can control smart home devices with hand gestures.

The Mijia Pipi Lamp supports seamless lighting follow-up. The light follows wherever the hand goes. When users are working on a project or assembling blocks, the lamp will intelligently recognize the position of the hand. It can automatically rotate the lamp head to follow the movement of the hand.

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Moreover, the Mijia Pipi Lamp also has an emotional feedback mechanism. It is endowed with various emotional expressions, and users can interact with it through touch or gesture control. When the emotional value exceeds a certain threshold, it can display emotions such as calmness, happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, and fear.The Mijia Pipi Lamp is not only a tool for lighting but also a companion for users.

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