Samsung Frame Mural Series TV Will Go on Sale on April 17

April 17, 2023

On April 17th, Gizcoupon reported that the Samsung Frame Mural Series TV went on sale at 8:00 pm(Beijing Time) on the same day. The new product lineup includes four versions: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch. The prices are $1382.40, $1746.22, $2764.94 and $4365.78 respectively. It is worth noting that users who pay a deposit of 2.91 dollars during the pre-sale period can enjoy a discount of 72.77/145.53/291.06/145.53 dollars respectively on the final payment, resulting in a final price of $1309.63, $1600.69, $2473.88, and $4220.25.

Samsung Frame Mural Series TV

The Samsung Frame Mural Series TV features a matte screen and a thickness of only 27mm. It also comes with a variety of magnetic art frames to enhance its overall aesthetic value. The built-in brightness sensor can detect the ambient light and adjust the screen brightness and tone accordingly. With quantum dot technology, the TV can display a wide range of colors and shades, presenting a more vibrant and vivid picture. Additionally, the TV comes with a quantum dot 4K processor that optimizes images, sound, and other functions intelligently.

The new product is equipped with the latest powered by TIZEN smart system, an upgraded application market, and built-in Mango TV, Galaxy Weird Fruit, and other audiovisual resources, compatible with hundreds of applications. The Samsung quantum dot 4K processor integrates AI algorithms, supporting AI voice assistants, dual-window projection, and smart IoT functions. The TV also provides a variety of applications and services to meet users’ needs for home gaming, fitness, and office work.

This TV also allows users to play 3A games without a game console and directly save game data through the cloud.

Please find the detailed specifications of the Samsung Frame Mural Series TV attached by Gizcoupon.

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