Xiaomi Vehicle Patent Granted for Enhanced Driving Safety

April 15, 2023

According to Gizcoupon’s report on April 15th, Xiaomi‘s automotive technology subsidiary has been granted a patent for a “vehicle.” The Xiaomi Vehicle Patent will enhance driving safety.

What is the Xiaomi vehicle patent?

Xiaomi vehicle patent discloses a vehicle comprising a body, a display device, and a front windshield transmissive member. The body is equipped with a driver space, including a front frame and a console. The display device includes a display screen for displaying vehicle information and a housing component fixed on the console. The display screen is mounted on the housing component and positioned close to the front frame, displaying the display surface towards the interior of the driver space. At least part of the front windshield transmissive member is fixedly connected to the front frame, and at least part of the display device is sandwiched between the console and the front windshield transmissive member.

The description in the patent explains that most vehicles have instrument panels set up in front of the steering wheel. It requires the driver to look down to see the vehicle information. Therefore, it is not conducive to safe driving. It is, moreover, sandwiching the display device between the console and the front windshield transmissive member. This patent can make it easier for the driver to view vehicle information, which is beneficial for improving driving safety.

According to Xiaomi’s official plan, Xiaomi will begin mass production of its vehicles in 2024. Recently, Lu Weibing stated at the financial report conference that Xiaomi’s car manufacturing is progressing completely according to the previously established timetable. In addition, according to Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, this is considered “beyond expectations.” In addition, it can be said to be ahead of schedule in many aspects. Based on the current situation, it seems that Xiaomi’s car manufacturing is progressing smoothly according to the established timetable.

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