Xiaomi Band 8 Supports Physical Interactive Boxing

April 15, 2023

On April 13th, Gizcoupon reported that the Xiaomi Band 8 would be officially released on April 18th at 7 pm(Beijing Time). The new smart band is positioned as a more fashionable, professional, and interesting device that is versatile and stylish.

Today, Xiaomi has teased a new feature for the Xiaomi Band 8, which is “gesture interaction boxing” that allows users to use the device as a portable “gesture controller” for boxing exercises anytime, anywhere. This is possibly the smallest gesture-controlled “controller” you have ever seen.

The Xiaomi Band 8 also supports a new “running bean” mode. It provides 13 professional data points, including step frequency, stride length, landing impact, and landing method.

Furthermore, the band also features a new “necklace mode.” It supports time display, step counting, and NFC payment functions.

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It has been upgraded with a brand new quick-release structure, making it super easy to switch wristbands. The new exquisite body design makes it even more lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, It features a brand new genuine leather, woven, metal wristband.

According to Gizcoupon, the Xiaomi Band 8 still retains its elongated pill-shaped appearance, featuring a narrow bezel and a runway screen. The main design optimization is focused on the wristband, which has been transformed into a detachable design on both sides, no longer using the previously embedded silicone wristband, and now offering multiple material and color options. The certification information indicates that it comes with Bluetooth 5.1. Additionally, it has a built-in 3.87V polymer lithium-ion battery with the model number M2239B1.

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