Xiaomi Appoints New Head for AI Large Model Team

April 16, 2023

On the evening of April 14th, Xiaomi announced the appointment of Luan Jian as the head of the Large Model Team in the AI Laboratory of the Technical Committee. Additionally, he reports to Wang Bin, the director of the AI Laboratory in the Technical Committee, according to an internal email released by the company.


With the popularity of ChatGPT, many domestic internet and start-up companies are currently expanding their presence in the large model field. Xiaomi is no exception. At Xiaomi’s Investor Day in February of this year, the president of Xiaomi’s smartphone division, Xue Zhong, stated that Xiaomi has been investing in AI large models for a long time, with ChatGPT based on AI big models, billion-level parameters, data, and artificial labeling support. There are many scenarios for the landing of AI large models in the smartphone and automotive businesses.

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Lei Jun discussed Xiaomi’s ChatGPT vision in the 2022 earnings call. In addition, they deployed AI large models early on and use multiple technology routes. Xiao Ai is an example of their large model landing. Furthermore, Xiaomi has over 1200 people promoting the landing of big models.

In addition, the internal email also involves personnel appointments in the International Business Division. Wang Dong, the GM of HR, became the HR director of the International Business Division. Lin Yin was appointed as the political commissar of the International Business Division, reporting to Liu De and Lu Weibing. Liu Yuxiang was appointed as the chief of staff of the International Business Division. While serving as the political commissar of Xiaomi India, he will still report to Lu Weibing at the same time.

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