Ring Cooling Pump Technology Explained Via Xiaomi Official

April 15, 2023

On April 15th, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi Mobile’s official Weibo account released a post today to promote the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. It announced that it would be equipped with its self-developed “ring cooling pump” cooling technology. The post indicated that this technology uses a gas-liquid separation design with a one-way circulation structure. It allows for significantly faster liquid transmission speed and more efficient heat dissipation circulation. Compared to traditional VC technology, the cooling capacity of the ring cooling pump has been increased by 300%.

Annular Cold Pump technology

What is “ring cooling pump” technology?

Later, Xiaomi’s official account was posted again further to explain the “ring cooling pump” technology. Gizcoupon learned from Xiaomi that this technology uses a unique multi-layer control water one-way structure. Moreover, the capillary action of nature draws cooling liquid from the far end to the hot zone, where the liquid evaporates due to the heat and then flows down to the cold zone, resulting in a clockwise one-way circulation. In the end, this technology produces the next-generation heat dissipation technology with an equivalent thermal conductivity three times that of traditional VC. The advent of the Xiaomi ring cooling pump is a revolutionary upgrade in mobile heat dissipation history.

In addition, Xiaomi explained that they chose to redesign the heat dissipation structure of the ring cooling pump. It is instead of simply enlarging the VC heat dissipation plate on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Because traditional VC technology cannot be enlarged indefinitely. As the VC area increases, conflicts between vapor and liquid inside may arise, leading to reduced cooling efficiency.

Furthermore, with the rapid development of mobile imaging technology, power consumption in the imaging area has also increased rapidly. They are even comparable to that large 3D games. This is especially true for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which has comprehensive optimizations in imaging capabilities. Moreover, it has more stringent requirements for the heat dissipation of its imaging system. In this case, Xiaomi has developed the “ring cooling pump” technology that is more suitable for the imaging flagship by referencing the heat dissipation method of space satellites. Additionally, it uses two critical technological innovations: “gas-liquid separation” and “one-way circulation.”

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