Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro Launches Globally

April 13, 2023

On April 13th, Gizcoupon reported that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra flagship smartphone is scheduled to be released on April 18th. It is expected to come with a range of new smart products, including the Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro. It has already been launched globally.

The Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro is a small device measuring just 118mm x 118mm x 218mm. Moreover, it comes in a pure white color scheme. It is designed to convert 4G/5G cellular network signals into Wi-Fi signals. It providing a stable high-speed internet connection via Wi-Fi even when broadband is not available in your area.

Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro

The device is equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm CPU, supporting SA/NSA dual-mode networks, and all major 5G frequency bands worldwide, offering a theoretical maximum speed of 3.4Gbps, compatible with 4G LTE and supporting 3GPP R16 for smoother and more stable internet connectivity.

With Wi-Fi 6 technology, the 5G CPE Pro offers dual-band wireless speed of up to 5378Mbps, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, and supports OFDMA + MU-MIMO technology, allowing data transmission to 16 devices simultaneously, with a bandwidth of 160MHz and the capability to support up to 248 devices. The device also has the ability to create a mesh network with multiple Xiaomi Wi-Fi 6 routers.

In addition, the 5G CPE Pro can be connected to wireless networks with just one click via NFC and supports exclusive game acceleration for MIUI smartphones. It can recognize Xiaomi/Redmi smartphones and enable a special acceleration tunnel to reduce latency while gaming.

Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro

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