iPad Receives New Patent

April 13, 2023

According to the information released by Gizcoupon on April 13th, Apple Inc. has recently been granted an iPad technology patent. This patent is the patent number US 11625136 B2, which involves the collaborative creation of virtual artwork on iPad.


The patent, entitled “System, Method, and Computer-Readable Medium for Managing Collaborative Creation of Virtual Artwork on Multiple Devices,” enables one or more users to collaborate on creating virtual artwork on two or more electronic devices.

The summary of the Apple patent, as provided by Gizcoupon, is as follows:

  • This patent provides a system, method, and computer-readable medium for managing the collaborative creation of virtual artwork among multiple electronic devices.
  • The first graphic display system of the first device can respond to user input and generate an input command. The system then shares this command with the second graphic display system of the second device.
  • The first graphic display system can process the shared input command, and the canvases of the first and second devices will generate pixel array data. Sharing the input command instead of pixel array data can reduce system latency.
  • Although users may be working on the same artwork, the user interface and graphic processing capabilities of each device may differ, thereby providing users with greater expressive possibilities.
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