OPPO A1 5G Goes on Pre-Sale Today

April 12, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 11th that the OPPO A1 5G phone is available for pre-sale online and offline. It features a unique suede texture in its price range, along with a 5000mAh large battery with 67W Super Flash Charge, a 120Hz high refresh rate and high-brightness wide color gamut screen, 12GB large memory, and the ColorOS 13.1 intelligent system. The price is 1999 yuan.


The OPPO A1 5G phone boasts a classic family-style racetrack design. Moreover, it is coupled with a 3D curved back cover for a comfortable and stable grip. In terms of color, the OPPO A1 offers three versions: Sandstone Black, Haohai Blue, and Chixia Orange. The Chixia Orange version is the first in the OPPO A series to use a suede material. Furthermore, it features a small litchi texture for a rich and delicate touch.


Specifications of the OPPO A1 phone

With 12GB of large memory and RAM + memory expansion technology, the OPPO A1 can support up to 20GB of smooth running memory experience. In addition, the ColorOS Super Calculation Platform is optimized for high performance and low power consumption, ensuring a smooth and lasting user experience for 48 months. There are also practical functions such as universal infrared remote control, smart meeting assistant, and children’s space.

The OPPO A1 has a 6.72-inch 120Hz high-refresh-rate screen with a wide color gamut. It provides clear visibility even in strong light with realistic colors. The OPPO A1 is also equipped with all-weather AI intelligent eye protection. It can intelligently recognize ambient light to ensure a clear display during the day and a soft display at night, protecting users’ vision. Coupled with a full-metal integrated frame and dual speakers, the audio-visual experience is more immersive.

The OPPO A1 comes with a built-in 5000mAh large battery and an exclusive intelligent battery health engine. It can effectively extend the battery life. With 67W Super Flash Charge, it only takes 43 minutes to charge the phone fully.

In terms of imaging, the OPPO A1 uses a 50 million pixel ultra-clear main camera, combined with AI beautification, light spot portrait, AI ID photo, and other rich imaging functions.

Currently, the OPPO A1 has been fully launched for pre-sale both online and offline, with a price of 1999 yuan. Gizcoupon readers who are interested can pay attention to it.

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