iPhone 15 Uses The M12 Material in All Four Models

April 11, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 10th that the iPhone 14 series would have various changes in screen technology. This includes the much-awaited ProMotion with a variable refresh rate.

In addition, the four models will have differences in display screen materials. The iPhone 14 and Plus will use Samsung’s 11th gen OLED material. The Pro models will have the 12th gen material, M11, and M12, respectively.

The Elec reported that all four iPhone 15 models would have the latest M12 OLED material for their screens. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Fold/Flip 5 will also use M12, but only the two Pro models will have LTPO technology. LTPO reduces power consumption, resulting in longer battery life for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

It is rumored that Apple may skip the M13 material and instead adopt the more advanced M14 material next year for the iPhone 16 series. The M14 material is specifically developed for Apple and is expected to offer even better performance than the M13 material. However, Samsung shows that other customers are still using M13 materials.


For those unfamiliar with OLED technology, it is an organic electroluminescent device made up of special organic materials. Its structure can be divided into four types: single-layer devices, double-layer devices, three-layer devices, and multi-layer devices. OLED material composition consists of an emissive layer and a common layer, including dopants, host, and red, green, and blue colorants.

Apple first used its own LT material for the OLED screens on the iPhone X in 2017 and the iPhone XS in 2018. However, since 2019, they have adopted Samsung Electronics’ M series of materials, which are now standard across all its models.

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