Mijia Smart Audio Glasses launched in China

April 10, 2023

On April 10th, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi teased a new product that was released on the same day at 10:00 a.m. The product, called “Mijia Smart Audio Glasses,” was noticed on Xiaomi’s official website. It will be available for crowdfunding from April 12th to April 26th, with a crowdfunding price of 799 yuan and a suggested retail price of 899 yuan.

Mijia Smart Audio Glasses

Mijia Smart Audio Glasses Specification

In terms of appearance, Mijia Smart Audio Glasses resemble ordinary glasses and come in five fashionable frame options. They have a lightweight, ergonomic design, weighing only 38.1g and are made using NCVM vacuum plating technology. The design showcases crystal-clear metal luster with light and shadow flowing along the curves. Furthermore, the hinge design is patented. It allows easy replacement of frames and fitting of lenses like conventional glasses.

As for functionality, the Mijia Smart Audio Glasses’ main features include an open sound field, call noise reduction, and all-day battery life. They also have dual device connections and long touch control on both sides. They adopt a 128mm2 ultra-dynamic balanced armature unit, SBS2.0 dual-suspension balanced structure, and sound surround algorithm to provide an immersive experience. Additionally, they are equipped with a dual-microphone beamforming AI call noise reduction algorithm, which intelligently enhances the call effect for voice conferences and phone calls, and restores sound quality with stability and clarity.

In terms of battery life, it provides impressive battery life. Specifically, they offer 7 hours of continuous calls, 10 hours of music playback, and 22 hours of daily use. Additionally, they have a standby time of over a week.

Moreover, it has a 30mm long touch control area on both sides for blind operation. It can activate various voice assistants through the long press. They support dual device connection without manual switching and can connect to two Bluetooth terminals simultaneously. They also have wear detection, IP54 dust and water resistance, and support for locating the glasses.

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