OPPO New Patent Revealed: Preventing Fold Marks on Foldable Screens

April 8, 2023

OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. has recently published a patent application for “foldable display screens and electronic devices,” according to Gizcoupon’s report on April 8th. The Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration provided the information. The patent discloses a foldable display screen. It is designed to prevent imprints due to repeated folding.

New OPPO Patent

The patent includes a main display body, display support pieces, and support gel films. The main display body comprises a first bendable region, while the display support pieces are at least set up to support the first bendable region. The display support pieces also consist of an inward bend area, a transition area, and an outward bend area. The support gel films are layered between the main display body and the display support pieces and include a second bendable region that covers the first bendable region and is provided with a stress release space.

New OPPO Patent

The inward bend area covers the bend center. The transition area is between the inward and outward bend areas. Its bending stiffness is between the first and second bending stiffness. The stress release space prevents imprints caused by repeated folding.

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This patent also provides an electronic device with a foldable display screen. OPPO has not released any official statement regarding the patent application. However, experts in the tech industry speculate that this patent is related to the company’s plan to release a foldable smartphone in the future.

OPPO has filed a patent application for a foldable smartphone, indicating investment in the technology. This could lead to advancements in the field, but it’s uncertain when OPPO will release a foldable device.

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