Realme Master Explorer Edition Series Would Be Discontinued

April 6, 2023

April 5th news, the Realme Master Explorer Edition series will be discontinued, as announced by Realme’s VP and President, Xu Qi, during the reorganization of their product line.

Realme Master Explorer Edition

Realme has released two phones under the series: GT Master Explorer Edition and GT 2 Master Explorer Edition. They respectively adopt innovative designs of travel suitcases and Hardcase back covers. However, they are priced at only around 3000 yuan.

Realme Master Explorer Edition

Realme Master Explorer Edition

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Upon reviewing the official Realme website, we can find that the brand currently has product lines such as Neo, Numeric, GT, Q, V, and X series. Interestingly, the X, V, and Q series have overlapping prices, which can make it difficult for consumers to decide which one to purchase. The Numeric series, which is the newest addition to the Realme family, is now available in China.


This reorganization seems to be an effort to streamline Realme’s product line and make it easier for consumers to choose which phone to buy. The discontinuation of the Master Explorer Edition also suggests that Realme may be shifting its focus away from niche products and towards more mainstream offerings.

Some industry experts believe that this move could be a response to the current global chip shortage, which has been affecting the production of smartphones and other electronic devices. By simplifying its product line, Realme may be able to more efficiently allocate its resources and ensure that its most popular phones remain in stock.

However, others speculate that this decision could backfire, as the Master Explorer Edition phones had gained a loyal following among consumers who appreciated their unique design elements. Only time will tell whether this move will ultimately benefit or harm Realme’s position in the highly competitive smartphone market.


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